12 Best spotify music converter to mp3

Are you looking for the best Spotify to MP3 converter of 2021? Spotify is a server that a lot of people know, whether they are big fans of music or like to listen to music sometimes. After all, it is without a doubt the world’s largest audio streaming platform, with a huge library of songs from a wide range of genres and artists.

The popular platform has 345 million monthly active users and more than 155 million paid subscriptions. It allows users to look for and listen to their favorite music easily. But there are a few things you can’t do with the app Spotify to MP3 converter reddit.

Spotify users can download songs to listen to when they’re not online, but they can only do this on a device or player that has been authorized. For example, you won’t be able to save Spotify songs to a local computer to download later. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the best tools to figure out how to download songs from Spotify to MP3 converter.

As all to mp3 not working, these are some of the most popular Spotify to MP3 converter on Reddit for downloading Spotify music.

12 Best Ways to Change Spotify to MP3

It’s also hard for users who use Spotify to get CDs of their favorite songs. So, is it even possible for a user to listen to Spotify tracks on a different device, like an MP3 player, when Spotify is not running? Yes, yes, and yes again! Now, all you need to do is find a good Spotify to MP3 converter on reddit.

1. AllToMP3


AllToMP3 is a free program that lets you convert Spotify music to MP3 with just the features. You can convert a Spotify file to MP3 or download a Spotify track in two easy steps. To finish the task, you need to import the Spotify songs you want to convert and select “Convert.” The speed of conversion is impressive, and the converted file keeps the same quality as the original. In addition to Spotify, the software works with other platforms like YouTube and Sound Cloud.

price: Free

2. Audials

AudialsAudials is a metabolic end-Spotify Music Downloader/Converter that needs to do everything you’d expect from audio conversion software. It can record Spotify audio, podcasts, and playlists and convert them to MP3 and other popular audio formats. The system can easily download Ultra HD videos from Spotify. It changes the audio 30 times faster than all other audio converters. This app is one of the best Spotify to MP3 converter on reddit of 2022.

Price: 39.90 USD

3. SpotiKeep

SpotiKeep SpotiKeep was made with Spotify in mind, which is clear from its many features. Songs, podcasts, and even whole Spotify playlists can be downloaded using the software. When you download a Spotify track, the software solves technical legal issues by trying to remove DRM protection from all Spotify music. Aside from that, the software converts videos very quickly, makes sure that the converted audio is as good as the original file, and keeps the ID3 tags when downloading Spotify tracks for offline use.

Price: A one-time license will cost you $19.95.

4. TunesKit Spotify converter

TunesKit spotify music converter makes it easy to record songs from Spotify and convert them to MP3 format. It has a fast conversion rate and does the task without sacrificing quality. Users can also use the software to organize their music libraries by artists or album titles.

To start the conversion process, you can drag and drop a file or copy a Spotify track into the interface. To convert the Spotify track, choose the output format, adjust the performance, and click the “Convert” button after you’ve imported the file.

Price: You can get a free version of it. The monthly cost of a premium plan is $14.95.

5. MuConvert Spotify Music Converter

MuConvert Spotify Music Converter is a great music converter that is optimized for high-quality music conversion. It can download all Ogg Vorbis songs, playlists, and albums to MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV audio without losing quality.

So, with MuConvert Music Converter, you can set your favorite Hop songs, relaxing Jazz music, motivational Rock songs, and epic classical music free from the platform so you can listen to them offline on any device.

Also, this program can automatically find music playlists and analyze several songs at the same time using the latest acceleration technology. In addition to the acceleration technology, MuConvert Music Converter also has a feature that lets you convert multiple files at once. This makes conversions more efficient and speeds up the whole process, saving you time.

Price: MuConvert Spotify Music Converter offers a free version with some limitations.

6. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a desktop program that both Spotify Free and Premium users can use to convert Spotify music to the best quality. It can get around Spotify’s DRM and convert Spotify songs into MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV files. So, you can always enjoy the latest Spotify audio, albums, and playlists on any device.

You can also change the sample rate and bitrate in this program to better fit the way you listen. And you don’t have to worry about the speed of the conversion because its batch conversion feature lets it convert 5 times faster than other products.

Aside from the features listed above, the best thing about this program is that it has a built-in Spotify Web Player. This means that you don’t have to download the Spotify app, and you can be sure that the conversion process will go smoothly and quickly with this tool.

Price: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter offers a free trial with some limitations.

7. Cinch Audio Solutions

Cinch is a useful audio recorder that can record audio from streaming Spotify music without losing quality. The audio that was recorded can be changed to make a ringtone or played back on other devices that don’t have internet access. Cinch Alternatives also finds ads in a Spotify stream and filters them out automatically so you can listen to recorded music without ads.

Its most interesting feature might be that you can change Spotify music to MP3 with just one click. To record the Spotify audio, you open Cinch Solutions and press the big yellow record button on the interface. It will automatically save the video you record in MP3 format because that is the default format.

 price: Free

8. Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo is an easy-to-use audio/music recorder that lets you record audio or music from a variety of sources other than Spotify. The tool can track the original audio from a Spotify track that is currently playing without lowering the quality. If you don’t choose a different output format for the sound you record, it will be saved in MP3 format by default.

The software’s task scheduler also helps users set audio by letting them choose when they want to start and stop recording. Leawo can also split songs or filter them based on how long they are. This app is one of the best ways to convert Spotify music to MP3 in 2021.

Price: A free trial version with limited features and a one-time license costs $19.95.

9. NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

NoteBurner is an easy-to-use app that lets you convert Spotify tracks into MP3 files and a variety of other audio formats. This software can convert any podcast, radio station, or song from Spotify to any format you want, such as MP3, AAC, WAC, AIFF, or FLAC. You can listen to the converted audio on any device that isn’t connected to the internet.

The new version of NoteBurner can convert files five times faster than the old versions. The audio doesn’t lose any of its original quality during the conversion process. Choose the song or Spotify playlist you want to convert, then choose the output format and quality before clicking “Convert.” This app is one of the best Spotify to MP3 converter on reddit of 2021.

The trial is free, and a license will cost you $14.95.

10. Sidify Music Converter

Sidify is another program that helps users convert their favorite Spotify songs to MP3. It works the same way as NoteBurner. Sidify can convert your favorite track into another format in three easy steps, five times faster than most other tools. The app lets you keep the original ID3 tags after conversion and convert the audio without losing quality.

To convert Spotify music into Sidify, you must choose the music, podcast, or radio station you want to convert. You can also drag the title and drop it into the program. After that, select the output quality you want and MP3 as the output format. The last step is to press the “Convert” button. The software is also updated often to keep up with any changes Spotify makes.

Price: There is a free version with limited features. One Time license costs $14.95.

11. Allavsoft

Allavsoft is a multimedia converter that can convert Spotify to MP3 in two steps. Copy and paste the Spotify track you want to convert, then click the download button. By default, it will be downloaded in MP3 format. You can also convert the track to other audio formats like AC3, WAV, WMA, and others.

Allavsoft is also known for its batch download and conversion feature, which lets you download or convert multiple Spotify tracks at once. You can also stop the conversion process and start it again. Lastly, this is a great program for downloading playlists from Spotify.

Price: Free trial and $19.99 for 1-2 PCs.

12. AudFree

AudFree is a Spotify music downloader and converter that looks good. The software is nice to look at and has all the tools you need to convert Spotify to MP3. The conversion can be made in just two easy steps. You can also convert audio very quickly without losing quality.

With the software, you can also adjust the quality of the Spotify music you convert. You can also change the ID3 tags, the bit rate to sample rate ratio, and the sample rate. The software also gives you the tools to organize your music collection by album title and artist name. This app is one of the best in 2021 for converting Spotify to MP3.

Price: You can get a free version of it. The cost is $14.95 per month, $49.95 per year, and $99.95 for a lifetime license.


There’s no denying how popular Spotify is. It has one of the largest music libraries in the world, making it easy for music fans to find new and old songs they like. Spotify, on the other hand, makes it hard to listen to music when you’re not online, which most people find annoying. People want to be able to listen to music while driving long distances or using other offline devices.

If you have a good spotify music converter free, you can play your Spotify track on any device you want even when you’re not connected to the internet. All the above tools let you download Spotify podcasts, audio, and playlists in MP3 format so you can listen to them when you’re not online.

We think that NoteBurner and Sidify are good choices if you want a quick and easy way to convert Spotify to MP3. You can also try Cinch Solutions, which can record high-quality audio from Spotify.

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