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12 Most Useful Apps For University Students 2023

Apps for university students: Because you generally always have your phone, tablet, or laptop with you, there is no reason not to make use of the numerous apps that are currently accessible. There are apps available that can assist you with your academics, help you make to your student budget, and even maximize the potential of your student lifestyle. Following up on our article highlighting the best 12 study apps for college students, here is a list of ten additional apps you should test throughout the upcoming academic year.

12 Most Useful Apps For University Students 2023

1. Lecture capture

A few years ago, students who went to lectures had to write quickly on notepads the whole time so they wouldn’t forget any important information. Then technology came along, and now lecture capture apps are a reality. Even though universities have been recording lectures for a long time, lecture capture apps make it easier to record and listen to classes without buying expensive recording equipment. This Best Apps For University Students 2021 very helpfull.

SoundNote (iOS) is a famous lecture capture app for iPad users. It works as both a notepad and an audio recorder so that you can store an entire lecture in written and spoken form. Suppose you want to capture a picture of a whiteboard. In that case, however, Office Lens lets users take a picture of a whiteboard, turn it into a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file, and store all the information in OneNote or OneDrive for catch-up and revision purposes.

Notes Plus for iOS and Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder are two other good lecture capture apps besides SoundNote (iOS).

2. Revision apps

This century, the revision app is top-rated, and it seems that technology has done something we never thought was possible: it has made studying fun.

If you like flash cards a lot, you might want to try StudyBlue, a student app that uses your course information to create various card sets for related revision. You can also make your flashcards and test yourself.

GoConqr is another helpful app for studying. It has tools for making revision charts, mind maps, flash cards, notes, and quizzes. It also lets you connect and work with friends, classmates, or students worldwide. Exam Countdown (iOS) is another choice. It keeps track of how many days are left until each of your exams.

3. Exam prep

There are also student apps for exams like the MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, and GRE, which many graduate schools use as part of the admissions process. BenchPrep uses social networking-style functionality, allowing users to connect with other test-takers and peruse revision materials with quizzes, notes, and more. You can also use the app to track how well you are learning.

TCY Exam Prep (Android) is another app for business students in India and the US to help them study for exams. It has best study apps for university students materials for GRE, GATE, MBA/CAT, and bank exams.

4. Student planner

University success and happiness depend on how well you stay organized, and student planner apps are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do many student planner apps save paper, but they also send reminders and alerts directly to your phone or device.

Timetable (Android) is one of the most popular student planner apps. It has a sharp, clean interface that makes it easy to map your schedule. Student planner apps with a more traditional spreadsheet layout, like My Class Schedule (Android) or Class Timetable, will look more familiar to students (iOS).

5. Recordium (voice recorder)

Sometimes taking notes is like making art. If there are many people in the room, the lecturer’s voice can get distorted, or the lecturer may speak quickly. With the advanced features of the Recordium voice recorder, you can create an outline of your most essential theses while sitting at home with a cup of tea. The quality of voice recordings made with the app is excellent. The voice recorder has a feature that lets you add notes or a photo while recording an audio file for a long time. You can mark the most important parts if you don’t want to waste time listening to a long recording.

6. Bibliography

If you’ve spent hours writing a long bibliography, you know how hard it is to ensure you put all the information in the right place and format. EasyBib is a very helpful app for students. A simple barcode scan is all you need to get an academic reference for it. EasyBib lets you reference MLA, APA, and Chicago styles because different places of study use different styles for bibliographies. Just take a picture of the barcode or type the book’s title into your device, and your referencing is done professionally.

7. Video call apps

Most students already know about video calling software like Skype and FaceTime. This technology is getting easier to use as computer companies put better cameras in their products and internet connections get faster. As technology gets better, so do the versions that can be used on smaller devices. FaceTime on an iPhone apps for university students is now as easy as making a phone call, and Skyping on a tablet is a great way to talk to your parents back home while you cook dinner, browse the web, or write a text. Tango and IMO are two other video call apps. Very usefull dating Apps For University Students.

8. Student safety

Several apps have been made for students that can be used on and off-campus to help them stay safe. These student apps help keep users safe if they are alone at night. The Circle of Six apps was made for college students to stay in touch with close friends. It works on both Android and iOS. The app is great for finding lost friends on nights out, and it also lets users send an instant call for help to their circle of six friends with the touch of a button. The GPS tracker will mark your location on your friends’ devices, so you’ll always be able to find each other if you need to. Other apps for students that help keep them safe are bSafe and React Mobile.

9. Wake-up apps

If you’re a persistent snoozer who always wakes up about 20 minutes late for lectures, Alarmy: Sleep If You Can is the app for you. Alarmy is an alarm app for students that requires users to do small tasks (like taking a photo of something specific or shaking the phone up and down a number of times) before the alarm turns itself off. Not only will you be awake and ready to go, but Alarmy will also give you what the weather is like so you can decide if you need an umbrella before leaving the house.

Sleep Cycle, on the other hand, wakes people up during their lightest sleep phase to change how they sleep. The app does this by tracking the user’s movement and the time they go to sleep. This means that you should feel less tired when you wake up in the time, and you might even get 10 minutes more to eat breakfast.

10. Responsible drinking apps

You may be a student, but that doesn’t mean you have to drink alcohol without thinking. The responsible drinking app WiseDrinking keeps track of how much you’ve been drinking, gives suggestions about how much is safe, lets you know the best time to call a cab, and maps your location about public transportation services.

Using gender, weight, and height inputs, the app calculates blood alcohol content (BAC) levels by calculating the amount, type, and timing of alcohol consumed and when the user’s last meal was. Even though the app relies on user input and should only be used as a guide, WiseDrinking can help you track how much you drink and advise if you start to feel sick.

11. Apps for fitness

The app Zombies, Run! is a fun and funny way to keep yourself going when you’d normally find running boring. The app plays your music playlists and records the sounds of a zombie apocalypse where you must run away from the zombies. Yes, it’s more than a little scary, but as a really hard workout, it’s hard to beat!

There are also apps like Nike Training Club (iOS), Sworkit, Fitbit (iOS), JeFit, RunKeeper, Strava, 7 Minute Workout, and MapMyFitness help you stay on track with your workouts. If you decide to get them all, Nudge is another app that stores all your fitness data in one place. This means you can keep track of what you eat, how much water you drink, how much exercise you do, and how much sleep you get without having to check the reports from each app.

12. Apps to help you eat well

If you want to eat well on a student budget, you might want to download a few healthy eating apps. Some Apps For University Students are Rockin Ramen (iOS), which has several healthy recipes with ramen as the main ingredient, and MealBoard (iOS), which plans healthy meals, grocery trips, and recipes based on what you have in your fridge. Here, you can read about what foods are good for your brain when revising

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