17 Best Free Apps To Turn Photos Into Cartoons 2023

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of the best apps to turn photos into cartoons for iOS and Android. Read the guide and choose the picture-to-cartoon app that works best for your device. So, read all the information below! It’s always best to start with free cartoon picture apps, whether you want to make a cartoon version of yourself or add funny cartoons and live art filters to your photos.

In today’s digital world, the phone in your pocket can be used as a portable cartoon photo editor to add cool and artistic effects to new or old photos. Since there are so many great options, finding a good cartoon photo app can be hard. But before we go any further, we need to figure out what these photo-to-cartoon apps are for and how they work.

What do the Apps for Photos to Cartoon do?

The best apps to turn photos into cartoons for both Android and iOS that can apps that turn photos into cartoons are on the list below. With just a few clicks, users of these apps can change how filters work and add new filters. Normal photos can be turned into cute and funny cartoons in no time at all.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best cartoon picture apps for Android and iPhone that can help you make a photo into a cartoon in a matter of seconds.

17 best free apps to turn photos into cartoons 2023

Here are some of the top Android apps to turn your coolest photos into cartoons:

1. Cartoon yourself video effects

. Cartoon yourself video effectsWouldn’t it be great if your next selfie had a WOW effect? Perhaps your dreams will come true if you use the Cartoon Face Animation Creator. You may be incredibly melancholy or even playful in your new cartoon photo because the app gives you access to a wide range of emotions. Choose a picture from the app, take a fresh one to select into a Martian, a troll, or add a lovely grin to your face. The results of your creative efforts may be shared as a single photo or an animated video on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

2. Cartoon Photo Editor

You can turn photos from your collection into inspired cartoons with the Cartoon Photo Editor app. In addition, the app allows you to capture videos or snap pictures with the phone’s front and rear cameras. All effects may be seen in real-time, allowing you to see the final product before taking a selfie or recording a video. The auto-focus tool helps you maintain your primary subject clean and sharp in your videos and photos. Thermal Vision, Crosshatch, and Cartoon are just a handful of the numerous filters available. The ads are the sole source of worry since some users claim they are intrusive.

3. Artisto – Video and Photo Editor with Art Filters

Artisto allows you to create your cartoon in three easy steps. Snap a photo or record a video using the app, then pick a filter to apply and save the results. You’ll need to buy the Pro or Plus editions of Artisto to access all of the app’s features.

However, this app’s video capabilities are limited since you can only generate square videos of low quality. If you want to have some fun and turn your selfies and other photos and videos into cartoons, Artisto is a terrific alternative.

4. Make Cartoon of Yourself

Even if you can’t record videos or shoot photos with the Cartoon Yourself app, it’s still a good choice if you want to quickly turn a photo into a cartoon. Select an image using the ‘Add a Photo’ button, then tap the ‘Apply Effect’ button to browse the app’s extensive assortment of stickers and cartoon effects.

After the photo has been cartoonized, you may save it to your phone or share it on social media with your friends. Basic photo editing features, such as cropping, mirroring, and rotating images are available in the Cartoon Yourself app.

5. ToonCamera

If you have an iPhone, you’ll like using Toon Camera to record videos and turn photos into cartoons because the app has a wide variety of cartoons, stipple, ink, and pencil effects. It also gives you a live preview of all the effects you choose, so you can see how your photos and videos will appear before you take them.

Moreover, each effect is easily customizable, allowing you to fine-tune your images and get the finest aesthetic effect imaginable.. The Toon Camera also allows you to save cartoon images to your camera roll and share your cartoons on all major social media platforms.

6. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

More than 1.5 million people have downloaded Clip2Comic from Apple’s App Store. Here, you’ll find a lot of different filters that can quickly turn your photos and videos look like cartoons and caricatures.

The app also gives users a lot of ways to change the caricatures that its filters make. Besides all of that, its real users can edit and share images directly to Facebook, Instagram, and a lot of other social media platforms.

Clip2Comic is free to use, but there are some in-app purchases you can make, including one where you can pay to get rid of all the watermarks that the app makes.

7. sketch Me! Cartoon & Sketch

When you use Sketch Me! apps to turn photos into cartoons, it’s simple to become a social media sensation. With effects such as Pastel, Cartoon, and Hatching, you can quickly attain excellent aesthetic standards with this app. Each effect may be fine-tuned, and the Edge Strength and Opacity parameters can be used to emphasize certain areas of the picture.

If you want to enhance the colors in your cartoons, you may play with the Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation options. The app’s file-sharing tools are basic, but they’re strong enough to let you share your images on major social media sites or send them to friends via email.

8. Animation Yourself

Launch the camera and utilize the Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit app to capture a great moment, or transform your photos into gorgeous and humorous cartoons in seconds. You may add text and stickers to your cartoons and select from a lot of effects. In addition, the app lets you alter the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation settings in your photos to make the colors more vibrant.

The images you edit with this app will not be resized or stretched in any way throughout the photo editing process, ensuring that they are of great quality. The only drawback is that you can only download or email the cartoon images because there are no options to share them on social media.

9. Cartoon Caricature of a Moment

Installing this app, you may enter selfie contests or enjoy the incredible caricature features that allow you to turn an ordinary moment into a humorous picture. Using the Moments Cartoon Caricature, you may access the phone’s front and rear cameras and snap as many photos as you like. The photo editor in the app has a wide range of tools for turning photos into cartoons in whatever way you desire.

You’ll also have the option of experimenting with black and white caricatures. All of the functions in the Moments Cartoon Caricature app are designed to make you in creating great social media images.

10. Cartoon Camera Free

Apart from the Cartoon and Pencil Sketch effects, this little app doesn’t provide anything else. You may turn photos on your phone into cartoons or snap fresh ones and turn them into amazing cartoons.

In Clip2Comic, you can use the camera on your phone to take a picture or use photos and videos from the gallery to make a cartoon picture. With the preview function, you can see how a certain effect will change the look of photos and videos. There are 8 cartoon filters, comics, and sketches to choose from. Also, this cartoon pic app has a tool to make caricatures and tools to crop images and improve colors.

11. Cartoon Photo PRO

To cartoon, a photo with this app, use the Sketch, Cartoon, Halftone, Swirl, Pixellate, Emboss, Crosshatch, or Dots effects. Cartoon Sketch Camera is a fairly unappealing alternative due to the restricted number of cartoon effects and the absence of photo editing options. You can, without a doubt, use the app to draw yourself, but you won’t be able to do much else.

To make matters worse, the free edition of the app has obnoxious ads, which you must spend $1.99 to eliminate. On the other hand, the sharing options are spectacular since you can instantly share your cartoons on all major social media platforms.

12. Painnt

Painnt is one of the most excellent apps to how to turn photos into cartoons software on the market, with over a thousand filters and effects. Because this photo editor allows you to control the transparency, saturation, and brightness of all your images, you may manipulate them in almost any manner you choose. Painnt is also a creative community where you can find and meet others that share your interests in art.

However, the free version of the app limits the size of the photos you may export, and you must subscribe to one of the subscription plans to process photos in HD. The cost of a yearly subscription is only $9.99.

13. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

The MomentCam is a community that pays rewards to its most innovative users in addition to providing a broad choice of cartoons and emoticons. The app is simple to use; all you have to do is choose a photo to turn into a cartoon and a background that best suits the picture’s setting. You may also choose from various aesthetic components like spectacles, haircuts, and beards.

The app is free to use, and more than 50 million people have downloaded it from the Google Play Store around the world. That is to say, a lot of people are definitely drawing funny caricatures of their friends. It can be used on both Android and iOS.

14. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma was the market’s most famous cartoon animation app a few years ago. Even though this app isn’t as popular as it once was, it still has some fantastic art filters that can make your photo appear as some of history’s greatest artists created it.

The best part is that new filters are introduced daily, so you’ll never run out of cartoon photo ideas. Furthermore, the app lets many significant photo effects and the ability to save your works in both SD and HD resolution.

15. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

It’s a program that allows you to turn photos into cartoons free. With only one click, you can make it happen. Selfie mode may make photo editing a breeze when you want to make a cartoon photo. Allowing the cartoon effects to take effect takes a few seconds. This robust photo-to-cartoon app is well worth your time!

16. Pencil Photo Sketch

Would you like to be able to make your pictures and photos into pencil drawings? Pencil Photo Sketch is one of the greatest options available, as it is an app designed specifically for this type of output. There are further options, such as colored pencils, cartoons, sketches, crayons, and others, but sketching is unquestionably the greatest.

Aside from that, the program has a highly attractive and intuitive user interface, it is simple to use, and you can post to several of the most popular social networking networks, like Facebook and Instagram, with a single tap!

17. BeFunky

BeFunky is a web-based platform, meaning it can be accessed from any device using the best web browsers, that also provides you with some outstanding picture editing tools. Among them, you will inevitably turn one that converts software to turn photos into cartoons online!

The fact that we note out that this feature is not free is commendable, but considering the overall quality of this program, we felt compelled to include it on our list. It is even one of the greatest apps for creating Instagram highlight covers!

In addition to these incredible capabilities, the website also provides excellent style recommendations and user guidelines, which you can test for free before deciding whether the Premium subscription is worth it for you.


Choosing an apps to turn photos into cartoons to your images might be challenging since many options exist. The pricing, image quality, quantity of cartoon effects, and export capabilities should all factor into your selection about which app to buy and use to cartoon yourself.

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