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AXXo Movies is a big name that comes to mind for all Internet users who often download free HD movies. AXXo Movies has high-quality movies that are very small in size but don’t lose any of their quality. It gave out hundreds of movies through different torrent sites for years. Still, now AxxoMovies has switched to a passive mode and gives out HD movies download torrent directly from their official websites, and axxo So, if you want to download www aXXo Movies HD Movies, you have to go to these websites to get aXXo me movies HD Movie torrents.

Is aXXoMovies blocked? Looking for aXXo Movies Proxy/Mirrors and alternatives? you got here at the right time. AXXo Movies is a popular site for sharing movies through the torrents database. People know that the site posts the best and most popular movies as soon as they come out. The famous uploader Axxo torrant, who runs aXXo Movies 2018, used to work for popular torrent sites like Kick-Ass torrents. As far as the content goes, they only show movies. This means that you can find almost any good movie on this site. Thousands of people who like torrents come to this site often to get free movies to download.

But because it is so popular, many ISPs worldwide have noticed it quickly. As a result, they have blocked aXXo Movies in many countries. So, if you’re a big fan of aXXo yify Movies and are frustrated that it doesn’t work for you, I’ve put together a list of tips that will help you get into aXXo Movies 2017.

What happened to aXXo Movies? How to get it unblocked?

Free movie download sites are having a hard time right now. ISPs around the world blocked more than a dozen sites just in 2018. This attack has also been hard on AxxoMovies, which has been blamed for giving away free HD movies in an unethical way.

Even though the aXXo Movies site went into a passive mode and tried its best to get around the ban, it is no longer accessible in many countries. As of 2020, though, the best way to get it unblocked is through aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites.

Some might say that a VPN service is a more common way to solve the problem. Yes, but a VPN costs a dozen bucks and can slow down your download speed and use a lot of CPU.

On the other hand, aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites are not limited because they are sites of aXXo Movies Torrent and have the same database, index, and torrent files as the official sites but are hosted on different domains.

So, here is a list of the 35+ best AXXO movies org that work. Using proxy and mirror sites will let you access your country’s main domain right away. Now you can download all the movies you want in full HD for free. Let’s get started.

aXXo Movies Proxy/Mirror Status Speed ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal OFFLINE N/A ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Normal
AxxoMovies Unblocked ONLINE Fast
Unblock AxxoMovies Proxy ONLINE Normal
AxxoMovies UK Proxy ONLINE Normal
AxxoMovies Mirror Site ONLINE Very Fast
Axxo Movies Proxy ONLINE Very Fast
Unblock AxxoMovies ONLINE Very Fast OFFLINE N/A
Access AxxoMovies ONLINE Fast
AxxoMovies Proxy Mirror ONLINE Normal
Proxy for Axxo Movies ONLINE Normal
Unblock Axxo Movies ONLINE Very Fast
AxxoMovies Alternatives ONLINE Fast
Axxo Movies US Proxy ONLINE Normal
Access Axxo Movies ONLINE Slow
Axxo Movies Unblocked ONLINE Normal
Axxo Movies UK Proxy ONLINE Very Fast
Unblock Axxo Movies Proxy ONLINE Fast
Axxo Movies Alternatives ONLINE Slow
Axxo Movies Proxy Mirror ONLINE Normal
AxxoMovies US Proxy ONLINE Slow
Proxy for AxxoMovies ONLINE Very Fast OFFLINE N/A
Axxo Movies Mirror Site ONLINE Slow
AxxoMovies Proxy ONLINE Normal

You can click on any of the above provided aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror sites to get HD Movies torrent from aXXo Movies 2016 without any slowdown in internet connection or downloading speed. If you know any other alternatives to unblock aXXo or if you know any other aXXo movies proxy, please share it in the comments section below.

Move below to land to the movie list which is providing best aXXo Movies alternatives.

aXXo Movies Alternatives

aXXoMovies Alternatives Sites Like aXXo Movies
DIVX Crawler
HD Movies Maza
Movie Watcher
Movie NO Limit
Cmovies HD
Movies Baba
HD Euro Piz
MKV Movies Point
Full 4 Movies
HD Popcorns
PopCorn Movies PopCorn Time
Bob Movies
HD Movies Plus
Movies 4 Star
Download Hub
Watch Movies Free
EMOL Movies
Yes! Movies
ShowBox Movies ShowBox
HD Movies Point
My Couch Tuner
1337x Movie Torrent
New Movies Online
Solar Moviez
Snag Films
Cosmo Tube
Fully Watch Online
Tubi TV
C Movies
WOW Movies
Khatri Maza
Sony Crackle
The 123 Movies
LOS Movies
Cool Movie Zone
Archive Movies
Project Free TV
My Download Tube


YTS is an excellent alternative to Axxo in for getting movie and TV show torrents axxo torrents movies. If you’re interested in movies, YTS is exactly what you need. It’s the best alternative to axxo org. This site is all about movies, and it has a great layout and a huge number of movies for its users to choose from. One of the best things about this site is that you can choose to axxo codec download from YTS, which is a fast and light service that makes it easy to use.

2. iDope

IDope is another spurt web search website with an internet-to-use directory of spurts. It was created to remember “axxo 123,” the largest torrenting site, which was shut down by the authorities in 2015. The site has a lot of gushes for flicks, songs, video games, TV shows, and much more.

3. TorrentFunk

Given the number of torrents it offers, TorrentFunk is another good choice for a top axxo movies com download proxy for mac or any other device. You can also download verified spurts from the site without worrying about copyright issues.

4. TorrentKing

TorrentKing is a site that a lot of people use for their spurts needs. It is safe and original, and a lot of people use it. TorrentKing is a meta-movie engine mostly made to look at movies with high-quality noise and video clips. It searches the whole internet and gives the customer the most important results in a short development of time.

5. Seedpeer

Even though it looks like a Russian torrent Seedpeer domain, Pakistan is where the most traffic goes. The pages have a big archive, but they may not always be up for that long because it hosts websites. While it’s going, it’s one of the best places to look for a few unusual names. I hope this list of sites like Torrent King has helped you so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get to the original site when you have the same torrents all the time.

6. The Pirate Bay

Even though the Pirate Bay is always changing, it has been around for a long time in some form or another. It is well-known as one of the most popular torrent download sites, and it has tools to help you figure out if a seeder is reliable or not. The search engine is easy to use, and it is usually easy to find new information that has been added.

7. Torrent9

Torrent9 is one of the best places to go if you like movies and want to stay about the newest ones. All of the sections are about movies, and there is a detailed index to help you find what you are finding for. People also know that torrents on your availability are easy to use. It also has a lot of users who are committed to seeding, so you can watch some of your favorite shows without much work or waiting.

8. 1337x

1337x is probably the smartest torrent website right now, and it’s probably what people who don’t know much about file-sharing think all torrent websites look like. Even though the homepage of 1337x looks modern, it has been around since 2007 and has given new content to torrent users worldwide. At the moment, 1337x’s main domain is, but there are also several backup domains, such as:

9. ExtraTorrents

ExtraTorrents is my preferred one on this list. It keeps track of a huge number of things you can download, such as music, TV shows, movies, games, apps, books, and more. Even though it’s not like TPB, it’s still a great axxo movie’s axxo movies official proxy because it has so much to offer. It also has an active internet that talks about each spurt to give people a better idea of the quality of the files and how excellent the torrent links are. It’s a too-recommended axxo option.

10. Zooqle

Zooqle is an excellent alternative to the axxo movies 2020 site because it has many options for people who want to download axxo downloads free movies and TV shows online. However, what makes this alternative even better is that it’s great for gamers all over the world. Even though the Zooqle site is easy to use and agree with, it could use a few improvements that could be made over time. But even so, this torrent website has a lot to offer its users; it is worth searching and finding what you need. So far, Zooqle is one of the best torrent sites for gamers and movie watchers. If it keeps going this way, this torrent website will soon be one of the best.

11. LimeTorrents

It is a general torrent site that seems to be growing and changing even though the file-sharing scene seems to be stagnating. LimeTorrents released a redesigned website with big buttons for popular categories and a search bar that is almost impossible to miss. The rest of the This site is not nearly as well-designed as the web page. It shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it, though. What’s even more important is that what matters most is the content, and LimeTorrents does not disappoint in this site. It has games, movies, music, TV shows, anime, and more. LimeTorrents is now a popular alternative to axxo movies 2022 and the best torrent site.

12. EZTV

If you want to see the best torrent site, you’ve come to the right place because EZTV is the biggest and best site that can replace EZTV Torrent has all of your favorite TV shows and anime for years. Safety and privacy concerns have caused EZTV to lose some credibility in the past few years. The site has also been popular for a long time, with new years, filters, better floods, and so on. Keep in mind that the website itself tells people to use a VPN before using the solution.

Is EZTV blocked, and are you looking for another way to get it unblocked? When you can’t get EZTV, you have many different options. But, most likely, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the best.


RARBG is a popular alternative site for torrents and Axxo movies online. Movies and PC games of the newest releases are available on the site. It lets you download movies, TV shows, music, video games, and other things online. It was created in the year 2010. Several nations block it, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Utilizing a VPN allows you to bypass these restrictions and securely access the content. However, we do not condone piracy, so keep that in mind. If you want to watch the latest axxo hindi movies online, you might choose RARBG proxy if the first site isn’t working.


Another well-known torrent site that is an excellent alternative to axxo movies is TorrentDownloads. Most of the credit goes to its clean and well-organized torrent library, from which anyone can search for and watch torrents of their option. If all the other trackers and torrents don’t search, this one might be the best option to find the movies or TV shows you want to find. But there’s a problem, which is bad. Due to its popularity, it has been blocked in many countries like proxy, and by many search engines, so you might need a VPN or a proxy to access this torrent site.

15. Torrentz2

Torrentz is a powerful search engine for the web and the best torrent site for getting the latest movies and music. is the same as and takes its place. It used to be one of the best ways to watch movies besides Axxo. It is a tough and great torrent meta-search engine. Various torrent sites are connected to it. Torrentz2 came out a long time after the first site, Torrentz.EU. With a big index of 75 torrent sites and a total of 55 million gushes, it has different ways of handling. At the same time, extra count features such as gush top quality voting (fake, password, virus). And a review of the latest songs, flicks, and TV shows that have been tested.

16. Torlock

Torlock is one of the best “gush” sites for people who like movies and TV shows. But it also has other files, such as a computer game, music, apps, digital books, and anime. It has a large number of movies and also a lot of TV shows. On this site like Axxo, you can locate high-quality, uncut videos with links that make it easy to download them. If you don’t want to choose fake information, you can use this site. It is used a lot in all nations except Australia, India, and the UK. Over four million spurts are made each year.

17. Kickass

The website is almost impossible to get to; it has been taken down in Australia, the UK, and other places. Kickass Torrent is a preferred site that is also safe and secure. But if you connect to a server in a certain place, you can use a VPN to get around geo-blocks and stay safe while browsing the axxo movies website.

The site is quick and easy to find all your favorite TV shows, movies, and products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can also read the comments of more than 165,000 online users.


For all kinds of gush searches, is a great alternative to axxo. It lets a person find gushes from more than 100 different websites linked to each other. This is a reliable website with a clean and easy-to-use interface. It gives real internet links to download, install, and axxo stream gush information online. It also has an innovative search option that makes it easy to locate your favorite torrents quickly.

19. Torrent

A torrent site called Nyaa gives you a link to axxo movies downloads the video and tells you how big it is. A dark mode on Nyaa called “Toggle” can help you see better at night. The whole point of this site is to be available. You can use Nyaa in every country in the world. Torrents like this one also think it’s important to put as many verified links in front of those that aren’t. People who love to read will also find a lot of information on the site.

20. IsoHunt

People who use IsoHunt have a very well-organized site, and they put content that has been proven to be correct above other content on the site. You can see all of the different kinds of content on the left. They are in order of how well-known they are. The body of the site talks about the site itself, and then it starts showing content. On the right side of the page is a list of the most-used search terms on IsoHunt. You can search for information about anyone, not just famous people and actors.

The best thing about IsoHunt is how easy it is to use. This torrent is free, and anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can use it. Many ways to get to the site, so many free users still go there.

21. Torrent Rover

Most people like that Torrent Rover is safe and doesn’t give anyone else access to their information. There are no scary ads or pop-ups that make you feel bad. No malware acts like a virus, so you don’t have to worry about that. Many people already use the site that says it is safe and doesn’t do bad things. Some people have said that this app works very quickly. You can download free movies, TV shows, and other things you can’t buy from this page. It has magnet links and a lot of torrents. Follow this link to dvdrip axxo download out where you can get the stable app for Torrent Rover.

22. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl isn’t just a random torrent site made by a few people. A lot of people made it. There are many fun things in this torrent that you will read about in the future. People run the “FitGirl” site, which is also run by people. The software and games are broken and shared by the people who own them. Many people don’t know that a torrent can work so well and be so popular. FitGirl Repacks is free and can be found all over the world. The owners of the FitGirl torrent don’t want any trouble, so they limit how long people can download. This makes it harder for people to get to the site. Well, at least it’s not banned in many countries, which would be wrong.


That’s the point of How to Unblock aXXo with the Sites of aXXo Proxy and Mirror. I guess it did help. So, here are some of the best proxy and mirror websites from aXXo torrent that work. Since the official website is no longer available, you should use these pages instead. If not, you could still use or other still-alternative torrent pages to get most of the torrent information.

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