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How to Modify and Remove Android’s Default Apps

Default Apps

Learn how to change a clear set of default apps on your Android or reset the ones you currently have here. Some manufacturers and software versions may have different procedures, but the fundamentals are the same for everyone.

App Preferences: How to Alter the Default Apps

Changing the default application that opens a file can be done quickly and easily. App apps appear when you tap a link or open a file. After deciding on an app, you can make it the default by selecting Always or changing the default by choosing Just once.

As an alternative, you can set specific apps as the default by going to the Settings menu:

  1. Select Apps & notifications from the Settings menu.
  2. Tap the Next button.
  3. Tap the apps You Usually Use by default.
  4. To change, select a category. Select one app to be used by default, such as a web browser, phone app, or text message client.
  5. To make the selected app the default, tap the circle next to it in the list of possible apps for that category.
  6. Tap the previous page by tapping the back button. The app you choose is now the default.

Some Android manufacturers pre-set their preferences and provide a few options for customization.

Removal of Preinstalled Programs

Currently, there is just one simple way to reset app-specific defaults in Android.

You’ve opted to run this app by default, and a CLEAR DEFAULTS option will appear if you’ve set this app as the default for any activities. No default setting will occur if the app is not the current user’s default, and the CLEAR DEFAULTS button will be disabled.

After clearing off the previous app’s default settings, you can make a different app the default for that activity.

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