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How To Email a Phone Number

Email a Phone Number

Today, email is one of the most important means of communication available. Most people nowadays have access to email and regularly use it to send it to friends, family, and colleagues. Most people must be aware that it is possible to forward an email a phone number. This has applications in a variety of settings, including professional conversations.

Send These Steps to Learn How to Use Gmail to Email a Phone Number

Among the many email programs available, Gmail is a favorite because of its many features. One of these is sending to a phone number with an email address. Here’s how to use Gmail to send a message to a phone number:

  1. Use your web browser to access your Gmail  account.
  2. To open a new email, click the “Compose” button.
  3. Type the 10-digit mobile number, followed by @, and the SMS Gateway code in the “To” column.
  4. Take a moment to write out your message.
  5. Select “Send” and send the message.

When you hit the send button, your email is converted to a text message and delivered to the recipient’s message.

Using Outlook to Send an Email a Phone Number

Email clients like Outlook are the preferred choice in the business world. In Outlook, which is used by many people who need a professional email account, a handy option converts your email into text. Here are the steps to follow to send an email from Outlook to a phone number.

  1. Throw open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. A “New Email” button should appear in the top left corner; click it.
  3. Type the 10-digit mobile number, followed by @, and the SMS Gateway code in the “To” column.
  4. Input your message here.
  5. Just send off an email.

When you send an email, it will be converted to text and delivered to the recipient immediately.

How to send Someone Via Hotmail Email When They Only Have a Phone Number

Many Internet people are still reliant on Hotmail as their primary email service. In this email client, you can type in a phone number and have an email sent to that number. Here are the steps you need to follow to send an email from Hotmail to a phone number.

  1. You can access your Hotmail account by clicking the “Login” button.
  2. To open a brand-new email, click the “New” tab.
  3. Type the 10-digit mobile number, followed by @, and the SMS Gateway code in the “To” column.
  4. Send an email message.
  5. Click “Send” to send the message.

After entering a phone number, your email will be forwarded as a text message to that number once you click the send button.

Find to Locating Your SMS Gateway Code

Mobile phone users can typically obtain their SMS gateway code from their service provider. However, a company’s mobile customers will share the same SMS Gateway code. You’ll save time in the long run by only memorizing the code once.

Here is a complete directory of SMS gateway codes for your perusal.

Keep in mind that not all mobile carriers provide an SMS gateway code, so if you can’t find one, its offers are probably not available.

Limitations on sending a Phone Number Via Email

Sending an email to a phone number has various limitations. Simply put, you can only use some of the cool stuff that newer chat apps offer. You will only be able to use some of the formatting tools your email software normally provides.

The following format is typically required when emailing a phone number.

Picture phones will soon be able to send attachments from certain email clients. A sudden failure or a damaged extension in transit is possible, though.


Can you send an email to many phone numbers simultaneously?

It is possible to send a single email to many mobile phone numbers. It’s a great resource for companies specifically. A company’s impersonal text message notice or ad was almost certainly issued from an email account.

Using a third-party service specifically made for this purpose is the most time- and cost-effective approach to emailing a large group of people at once. It’s possible to find several low-cost or even free services on the web. These sites communicate between your email address and the phone number you specify. They give you a greater say in what gets out to your audience in this message.

To what address should I send a formatted email when contacting a phone number?

To send emojis, drawings, or even colored text, you’ll have to resort to a third-party provider. Email-to-text converters available online let you send messages with proper formatting. Animated GIFs and URLs can also be included.

What if there is no SMS gateway code for the given phone number?

There are mobile carriers that don’t offer SMS gateway codes. You will need that code to send an email to text your email client. You can still send that message if you have access to third-party software that converts email to text. In most cases, you can still send it to a phone number even if you don’t have the SMS gateway code.

Could I use my email to send someone to a foreign telephone number?

Yes, if you have subscribed to a third-party service or your foreign mobile provider has an SMS gateway code. You won’t include the ‘+’ code for international phones or the parentheses around the number when you type it in. For the email-to-text feature to function, the phone number can only be ten digits long.

I question whether a subject line is required when sending an email to a phone number.

Sending an email to a phone number allows you to use the subject line. Subject lines can also be used in text messages. Since most people don’t use their phones for texting, the topic line is automatically hidden.

Filling in the email’s subject line will also cause the text’s subject line to be filled in.

In this modern day, emails and texts can communicate with one another.

Only some people know how to convert  a text message when sent to an email a phone number. This one-of-a-kind messaging tool predates even the first SMS transmissions, albeit its text has evolved.

One useful feature of email is the ability to send a plain text message to a phone number. A business email can be used with third-party software to send out pre-formatted marketing campaigns to a large group of phone numbers. In today’s market, many companies rely on this method of communication with their clientele.

What kind of message do you send now that you know how to email a phone number? To whom are you sending this text message? A buddy or a client? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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