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30 Extratorrent Proxy / Unblocked and Alternatives Sites 2023

To download the movies, web series, and TV shows that are on this page, you can try some of the best Extra Torrent proxy or alternatives sites. Extratorrent has been shut down and is no longer available.

There are a lot of great Extratorrent alternatives or proxies on the internet. In this article, we give you a list of Extra Torrent proxies that you can use. These things make it easy to get to the ExtraTorrent website. They offer high-quality content to people who like to share files from all over the world. For Extratorrent proxy/alternatives and the ExtraTorrent unlock process, this can be a good place to start.

Besides, there are also many ExtraTorrent mirror sites that aren’t run by the company. Those sites, on the other hand, should be checked out because many of them are full of malware, scripts that mine for cryptocurrency, and other bad software.

What is Extratorrent?

Starting in 2006, Extratorrent was one of the best places to download movies and TV shows. It had a lot of movies and TV shows of all kinds that you could download for free from the internet as pirated copies. A lot of different films are on this site. You can find a lot of different types of movies on this site, including documentaries and award-winning ones. There are also many kinds of films for different types of people. There are a lot of different types of movies on this site.

One must use an ad-blocker while using extra torrent because it has a lot of ads, and people get annoyed when they’re on the site and have to click on them. This is not the only thing Extratorrent has to offer. It has a user dashboard where users can upload torrents and share them with millions. Easy to use: It had a straightforward interface with many torrents that could be downloaded at the user’s request and choice. The only way to get to it now is through an Extratorrent proxy. Many Internet service providers have banned Extratorrent because of piracy.

How to Access Extratorrent Proxy Sites?

Maybe Extratorrent proxy sites are the best way to get on the web. When clients want to get something from another site, they ask the proxy site to be an intermediary. When you use a proxy server to get into Extratorrent, outsiders can see that you are linked to the proxy server and won’t know if the proxy server sends data from Extratorrent to you.

Often, Extratorrent proxy servers and Extratorrent mirrors are mixed up. A mirror is a copy of the link with a different domain name and host code. On the other side, the Extratorrent proxy service is an unofficial portal that makes connecting to the original Extratorrent and other websites easier. It also makes it easier to link to other websites.

How To Unblock Extratorrent Proxy?

There are diffrent ways to get around a blocked torrent site, so it’s not possible to block every site and its proxies. We have three ways to get to extratorrent proxy sites.

Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites

No. ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites List URLs Status Speed
1. ExtraTorrent Unblock 1     ✅ Very Fast
2. ExtraTorrent Unblock 2     ✅ Very Fast
3. ExtraTorrent Unblock 3     ✅ Very Fast
4. ExtraTorrent Unblock 4     ✅ Very Fast
5. ExtraTorrent Unblock 5     ✅ Very Fast
6. ExtraTorrent Unblock 6     ✅ Very Fast
7. ExtraTorrent Unblock 7     ✅ Very Fast
8. ExtraTorrent Unblock 8     ✅ Very Fast
9. ExtraTorrent Unblock 9     ✅ Very Fast
10. ExtraTorrent Unblock 10     ✅ Very Fast
11. ExtraTorrent Proxy 1     ✅ Very Fast
12. ExtraTorrent Proxy 2     ✅ Very Fast
13. ExtraTorrent Proxy 3     ✅ Very Fast
14. ExtraTorrent Proxy 4     ✅ Very Fast
15. ExtraTorrent Proxy 5     ✅ Very Fast
16. ExtraTorrent Proxy 6     ✅ Very Fast
17. ExtraTorrent Proxy 7 Suitable.PW     ✅ Very Fast
18. ExtraTorrent Proxy 8     ✅ Very Fast
19. ExtraTorrent Proxy 9     ✅ Very Fast
20. ExtraTorrent Proxy 10     ✅ Very Fast

Extratorrent has proxies or mirror sites like and These proxies make it easy to download your favourite movies in no time. An additional source that helps keep the Internet safe. Another tab hides the IP address. This makes it easy to get into different torrent proxies in 2023.

Extratorrent is blocked in which countries?

1. the USA

2. the UK

3. France

4. Russian Federation

5. Turkey

6. Italy

7. Pakistan

8. India

How do Extratorrent Proxy works?

Everyone has to use the internet these days because of the free updates. Whether you acquire access to illegal and reasonably incorrect video recordings and content. Nonetheless, you can get a lot of free stuff over the network from places like extratorrent.

With the usefulness of such created content and solid material identified in extratorrent proxy websites, it was challenging to do so in both instances. There are just a few options for doing so. Managing internet intermediaries is one of the most critical ways employed.

Top 25 Working Extratorrent Alternatives in 2023

1. LimeTorrents

It is the most critical gush site and a suitable replacement for Extratorrent, which isn’t very good. The LimeTorrents are run by a simple, calm, and easy-to-use interface. Old gushes that haven’t been looked after for a long time can become unhealthy and sluggish. It is the best option if your favourite torrenting site has just been shut down or is just now not working. Every customer can easily download series, TV shows, movies, and MusicMusic. There are a few minor flaws, but it works well for the most part. Still, the truth is that it is better than all the portals’ costs because its well-organized and straightforward layout makes for a great customer experience.


RARBG is an excellent alternative to ExtraTorrents. It allows you to download movies, TV shows, music, games, and more from the internet. It was made in 2010. Some countries don’t let it, like the UK and Australia. Virtual private networks can help you get around these restrictions. You can use a VPN to get around these restrictions, but keep in mind that we don’t condone piracy. To get the most recent movies online, if the original site isn’t working, you might choose to use the RARBG proxy site instead.

3. Torrentking

Torrentking is a great place to download movies, TV shows, games, and software. This is a great website. It has a lot of gush on the internet. It doesn’t make its users sign up. There is a magnet link that you can use to download gush right now.


If you want to see the best torrent site, you’ve come to the right place. This is the largest and best alternative to Extratorrent. EZTV Torrent is a complete collection of TV shows and anime from over the years. EZTV has lost some of its credibility in the last few years because of safety and privacy issues. The Website has also been able to add new features, filters, better floods, and more for a long time. BEFORE USING THIS SOLUTION, a VPN is a good idea because the site itself tells people to do so, so keep that in mind.

5. 1337x

It was made after the 1337x torrent site. It has the same design and features as the 1337x site but premium video downloads. As an alternative to Extratorrent, this can be used.

You can see it on the parent’s website in black and brown. There are also other mirror pages to help the Website. This should be tried.

6. YTS

There are a lot of websites that aren’t ExtraTorrents. YTS is the most popular because it has movies, TV shows, and music. Since then, the site has had a lot of different domain names. It is now running from When YIFY Torrents came out in 2010, it was named after its founder, Yiftach Swery. He was an app, web, and archery developer from New Zealand, and he also won a lot of awards. Many ISPs have banned it in a lot of countries. There are a lot of Extra Torrent proxy websites on the internet, too.

7. Torlock

Torlock uses more than 7 million gushes that have been proven to be real. There are many new gushes added every day. The website is quick and responsive, and its design is still very much in line with how things will look in 2020. On the homepage of Torlock, users can see a list of some of the most popular torrents. They can also look through the many categories, which include everything from TV shows to movies to video games and anime.

8. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine that uses a lot of other gush websites to put together a search results page. In fact, the website has been able to keep the attention of law enforcement and copyright watchdogs away because Torrentz2 doesn’t really store any torrent files at all. Not only does Torrentz2 not feel as good to use, but it always finds the best torrents.

9. Zooqle

A new site called Zooqle is quickly becoming a popular alternative to ExtraTorrent and other big gush sites. Today, Zooqle has more than 3.5 million torrent files. Over 1,000 torrents are added to the site every day. If you look at Zooqle’s modern design and top-notch performance, you can say that they have a lot to do with the site’s popularity.

It’s easy to see which torrents have been seeded right away on the homepage. You can also look for torrents by name, or look at torrents that have recently been added to the site. As time goes on, we expect more languages to be added to Zooqle. It’s already available in English and Russian.

10. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is actually a great-looking alternative to ExtraTorrent. It has TV shows, movies, music, video games, software, anime, books, and other torrents, and it looks better than ExtraTorrent. The website doesn’t have a lot of annoying ads, and most of the content it uses is real and safe to download. TorrentDownloads has a lot of popular torrents that aren’t safe, but it’s very rare to see a malicious torrent on TorrentDownloads.

In order to download a torrent file, you are briefly sent to, which is a free service that lets you store torrent files online. TorrentDownloads does this to protect itself from being sued by copyright guard dogs. A lot of other torrent sites do the same thing, and some don’t even let their users download anything at all, only giving them Magnet links.

11. TorrentHound

If you go to Torernthounds, you can watch and download videos for free. They’ll be of high quality and have the most minor site of data. The site was made for movie fans like extratorrent, who want to see information movies in HD format every day. Every day, it adds new high-definition material to the site. It has a lot of different kinds of high-definition material. These aren’t the only types of stories. There are also action, wit, fight, combat, romance, and many other styles. This means that each division has to make its own decisions about what to do in its way.

12. Skytorrents

You can use it to find videos, apps, TV shows, short articles, and more on the internet. It has twelve million gushes of these things. Just type in your search term and click get in, and hundreds of torrents will be shown.

These are the best extratorrent devices you can use right now to get your hands on the new things you want. To not promote these sites in any way, I’ve put together this list of other torrent web pages to make sure they don’t appear.

13. TorrentFunk

torrentfunk specializes in selling new movies. It’s possible to download Torrentfunk videos in 720p, 1080p, and even 3D. They are even better because they are in the smallest files to be sure that your download will be quick.

torrentfunk would like to give its employees a positive experience to improve their culture. As you scroll down the tab, you might notice that there is a very clear message that you should use a VPN when you’re downloading something. The Torrentfunk also has a page where people can talk about things and solve all problems.

14. TorrentProject

TorrentProject is an internet search engine for torrents that works. You can find a lot of different records on the internet site. ExtraTorrent is one of the websites that are on it. An easy-to-use GUI can be found for TorrentProject. When you see your favourite gushes on the web page, you’ll be sure to check them right away.

Besides that, the Website says that it updates its data source with the most popular torrent proxy websites, well-known torrent indexes, and niche web pages that it finds. The website doesn’t have any other sources, like a login page or a forum, so you can’t get help from other places.

15. iDope

This is one of the best options because it is the only site with an Android device and a Chrome plug-in with the web. It started in 2016 and indexes torrents from many different websites that have a lot of people around the world. Many other proxy websites, like a different Torrent proxy, can help you get to it.

16. Kickass

The site isn’t available in most places. It has been taken down in Australia, the UK, and other areas. Kickass Torrent is a well-liked and safe place to download movies and other things. However, if you connect to a server in a particular place, you can use a VPN to get around geo-blocks and stay safe while using extratorrent.

The website is quick and quick to search for all of your favourite shows, movies, and other things. People who have used the service for more than 165,000 years will also be able to help you if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the internet.

17. Sumo Torrent

SumoTorrent was made for today. It was made to be a new torrent platform. If you don’t like the look and speed of the extratorrent, this is a great replacement. To get the most popular feature, you go to the right and look at what is going on now. Also, the fads site has the most famous content so that people who have downloaded the web content can click on the correct link to go to the right place.

18. Fast Torrent

People who use Torrent on Fast Torrent are very different from Torrent on other sites. An internet site for a “magnet link” is on the list of things Which means that the site has links from torrents of all kinds.

It’s simple, quick, and clean. It also makes it easy to use the best of the site. Besides, a new slim interface with tiles of popular shows has been released recently, and also the new search bar has been added to the top. 

Besides that, the site has a vast collection of magnetic connections from all kinds of styles. This makes The Pirate Bay a much better choice than ExtraTorrent, which is better.

19. Torrentcouch

Torrentcouch is a public torrent directory with media and other features. Torrentcouch’s surprises are:

If you don’t have access to another torrent proxy, you can use Torrentcouch. It’s a wise decision.

20. TorrentGalaxy

TorrentGalaxy is a new torrent site, yet its working is ideal and good alternative for Extratorrent. It is just a few months old, yet the Website’s operatives are not without passion. The site develops former participants and personnel of the invalid ExtraTorrent, so they’re barely newbies to the gush world. Nonetheless, they feel that torrents alone do not cut it any longer, so they’ve begun to broaden their site with streaming videos, wanting to bridge the gap between the two– a distressing advancement for Hollywood.

21. Magnet

While Magnet Time isn’t a torrent system in general, it is more like a filtering system service that uses P2P methods to get information from torrenting sites. It has a unique and easy-to-use interface that lets you download HD and SD movies and TV shows without buffering or delays. You can still get to your favourite material even though it’s blocked in many places around the world. You can use a Magnet to get around this. The new video is free to watch from some of the best kickass alternatives and a great streaming service.

22. Megapeer

It mostly gushes, and you can find it at Megapeer if you want to watch new movies or play your favourite games. It tells you about every well-known thing you can do, and it gives you the best links to download and install your favourite things, like extratorrent. The interface for the internet site is just like a normal gush site, so it’s easy to find and download anything you want while you’re on the go.

23. Bitlove

But love is one of the first people to play gush in the community, and it’s also one of the best people to play the game. The good news is that Bitlove is coming back after a short time away. It’s on our list of the best options because extratorrent isn’t just a powerful torrent archive and a gush system with a spotless look.

One of the Internet service providers has hit a very small but very important head-up Bitlove in the past. The ISP may have blocked you from going to a website because they don’t want you to. This makes sure that doesn’t happen to you. In any case, the VPN will be able to open the tab.

24. Movcr

What if you want to find the correct answer to a question from a leader of Movcr? A lot of people go there, and it started in 2008. It is now one of the most critical places in the gush. This has more than ten million gushes in it, and it’s been updated and filtered a lot. A Movcr can’t sell this SDK.

25. Torrent9

Many people like the interface on Torrent9 is a lot more than the interface on other sites. You will use the food selection to find your favourite item through TV shows, videos, cards, animes, tunes, books, and more. The system is also straightforward to use.

It’s important to remember that there aren’t many people on the internet site. However, if you have any question, you can ask the support staff. It isn’t very different from Extratorrent. As the name implies, this is a simple website that lets you watch other movies on the web.

26. YourBittorrent

It was one of the first websites to offer streams for almost everything, from TV shows to music to movies, and it was started in 2003. There are magnet links for your favourite gush searches that you can get from this app.

27. TorrentReactor

Torrentreactor is the best internet search engine for torrent information and a safe and efficient search site. This is one of the extensive links with billions of torrent files and has been used by almost three tonnes of gush providers.

Also, Torrentreactor is a quick way to search for data on the web. Besides having its torrent search engine, many of the most popular torrent services are paid for. Those who want to send in their gushes can do the same with others.

28. RuTracker

This is a Russian gush tracker called RuTracker. It is semi-private and has a huge collection of both Russian and English gush. All you have to do is sign up for an account on the site. RuTracker doesn’t have any strict seeding rules. Torrenting rules say that users should keep sharing what they download with other people for as long as possible, but that’s just how it works.

Use Google Translate if you don’t speak Russian, because the website can be hard to use if you don’t speak the language. Soon after you get used to its look, you’ll be able to use it without any help. Ads are everywhere on RuTracker, but you can use an adblock with a Russian filter to get rid of them.

29. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a simple search engine that helps you find products and ebooks about a wide range of topics. The Library Genesis, or LibGen, is sometimes called that. The Search Engine is free to use and has a lot of ebooks, and new material added every day to give you an all-encompassing and complete experience.


The most popular torrents have been added in movies, TV shows, software, video games, anime, and books. Find download torrents of movies, songs, video games, software, TV shows, and other things you can get. You can get a confirmed BitTorrent for free. An excellent extra torrent choice is one of the best and also working ones, like this one

Extratorret Is Illegal?

So you’ve heard that some countries have coverage restrictions against torrenting websites, but it’s not true. But torrenting isn’t illegal. Sowing and downloading are legal unless they are copyrighted—likewise, there are extratorrent proxy sites.


VPN is one of the most popular APKs for users. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) may be the best way to keep track of your money. Also, you can keep your information safe.

It is possible to have two types of VPN. Free VPN and paid VPN are two examples. The premium VPN providers have no limits on how far you can go outside their network. This encourages you to use servers in different parts of the world with a fast and excellent customer experience. Some clients have money issues.

When it comes to money, don’t worry about it. You can use a free VPN instead. There are free VPN options. The traffic restrictions, weak server areas, and slow internet speeds that these VPNs have are some things they add. It would also be a good experience.

Following these steps will help you use a VPN.

Why is it necessary to use a VPN to access ExtraTorrent Proxy?

If you want to stay safe from malware, a virtual private network (VPN) can help. It can also help you get around some annoying restrictions on torrenting, obstructs, or ISP throttling. Some things make it better to use a VPN to get to ExtraTorrent alternatives.

Also, you can get rid of a lot of torrenting sites with this tool. Make sure you don’t get in the way of the problem, protect yourself from malware, and keep your privacy. Finally, we can say that we use a VPN for safety.

 For Extratorrent, these are the best VPNs. When you choose a VPN to use with an ExtraTorrent alternative, there are a few things you should look for: P2P servers, Good ability to unblock things Lightning-fast. A strict no-logs policy It’s anti-malware software.

Some of the best VPNs that we recommend for you to use to get to ExtraTorrent.


ExpressVPN doesn’t have content restrictions or censorship, so you can watch videos, listen to music, use social networks, and more from anywhere in the world. It will find out more about how to clear out the extratorrent site in the future.


NordVPN is the best personal virtual private network (VPN) service, provider. It has desktop apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, and apps for Android TV. In addition to cordless routers, NAS devices, and other systems. With the help of a VPN, we can get to the site that has been blocked. When you do this, you can quickly search extratorrent proxy and download tv shows and movies and games and other things quickly.


If you want to block a website, unblock streaming service, enjoy safe P2P torrenting, and get better deals on the internet, you can use Cyberghost.


They would keep you happy and efficient with all the materials you need. These 30 alternatives to Extratorrents would be great for you. It is a sad fact that the torrent sites have been stopping working. Most of us have to change to Extratorrents to find new ways to get movies and TV shows. Yet, there are always other places to look for gushes. People in some countries may not be able to use it as a VPN. With the help of a VPN, we can use an extratorrent proxy to unclog extratorrent and get to the site again. A VPN is a private network, and it also has the best protection for you.

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