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How to Find Facebook Friends in a Specific City

Facebook Friends

With a simple name search, you may easily locate Facebook Friends. But what if you need to zero in on a certain city where your friend lives? However, Facebook does not make it simple to locate friends who live in a given location. Still, it’s not an impossibility. This post will show you how to narrow your search for new Facebook friends by city.

Facebook City Friend Finder Guide

If you want to search for people in a specific city who are your Facebook friends, you may do so in a few different ways. We’ll review the many possible approaches as they change from device to device.

Finding People in Your Area on Facebook (by City)

Follow these instructions if you’d rather use Facebook in your browser:

  1. Launch Facebook and sign in.
  2. Just click what you’re looking for in the search bar on the top left.
  3. To find specific individuals, enter their names into the search box and click the “Search for people” link. Selecting this “people” option provides more precise results than selecting a different one.
  4. Select “People” from the list when you click “Filters.”
  5. Choose “City” from the select-down menu.
  6. Type a city from the “dropdown list” or enter its name into the “city search box.” If the dialog box closes, click “City” again to bring it back.
  7. Please go through the list of people in the city you picked and add some of them as Facebook friends.

This Mobile App Shows You How to Locate Your Facebook Friends Pals Based on Where They Live

The Facebook apps for both Android and iOS are identical. To make new friends, do the following:

  1. Launch Facebook on your device, then tap the search icon.
  2. Start by typing “people” into the top search bar (without hitting “enter”). Then, select “See results for people” from the dropdown menu that appears.
  3. To view the menu dedicated to people, click “About” at the top of the page.
  4. Tap for the “filter” icon and click it.
  5. To view cities, use the bottom-down menu and select “City.”
  6. Type a city from the list or enter the name of the city where your friend may be located.
  7. To see the list of possible friends in the selected city, select “SHOW RESULTS” at the bottom of the page.

Despite its ever-evolving user base, Facebook remains one of the most influential online communities. Facebook has one of the most extensive search options available, despite the clumsy appearance of the user interface.

Common Questions About Locating Facebook friends in a specific city

Where can I find It’s Facebook, and you need to know what their name is.

On Facebook, some people hide behind aliases. The difficulty of tracking down friends in a group setting is greatly increased by using pseudonyms. Finding Facebook Friends you know should begin with searching accounts you already share. Look at their Friends list for the individual you wish to add to your list.

Then, search their institution or place of employment by selecting the appropriate filter. You will find both of these choices if they have been presented. There is also the option to search for an email address or phone number.

Finally, type ‘Facebook’ into a search engine when looking for a friend’s name. Many search results will appear, and you can use them to find your friend.

Where can I go to search for new people in a particular city?

In a word, no. This function was removed by Facebook just lately.

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