20 Best Games Like BioShock in 2022

The world of BioShock transports players away from reality and immerses them in an immersive experience. It has aspects of horror, powers, and a scenario that transports players back in time while also transporting them into the future. Its gameplay is linear, but the structure it sets feels huge. The issue that players face after finishing it is that many other Games Like BioShock do not have the same feel to them.

What Games Are Similar to Bioshock?

The Bioshock series has been resurrected. After a lengthy break, 2K Games has decided to revive this swashbuckling franchise. Despite being captivating, the series failed to sell many copies, leading to its end. While the series never had a significant fan base, those who played it liked every bit of it.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn

Guerrilla Games Platforms PC PlayStation 4 Release Date February 28, 2017Horizon Zero Dawn has a magnificent backdrop with a variety of terrain, exciting opponents in the form of huge, animalistic robots, and a unique twist on open-world combat systems. However, there is even more to this game that BioShock fans will love.

The story depicts the deterioration of humanity during an age when technology should have made things but instead pushed civilisation backwards. Similar parallels can be drawn with Rapture in the first BioShock, in which people suffer rather than succeed as a result of their accomplishments. In Horizon, players can find numerous interesting nuggets of knowledge spread about the world that help to paint a picture of the events that led to the world’s current state Games Like BioShock.

Horizon Forbidden West, released in 2022, continues and expands on the lore and gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn.

2. Mad Max

The release date for the Mad Max video game is September 1, 2015..Platforms by Avalanche StudiosPC,The PlayStation 4,Xbox One Post-apocalyptic settings must have characteristics that distinguish them apart from the genre’s typical wastelands and undead games like bioshock infinite. Mad Max is one franchise that pushes the boundaries of originality in an increasingly stagnant genre of gaming. In this world, vehicles are gods, and drivers are prophets, heralding their brands of dominion or freedom; moral decisions similar to those required in some parts of the BioShock series.

In a desert full of insane dangers, the player must fight back with firearms, frequently blasting foes away with their weapons. Players are armed with the same vehicles and talents as their opponents, making the gameplay and setting feel cohesive and unified. After a few minutes of defeating adversaries and driving across the cracked pavement, players will feel like true road warriors, just as using plasmids made them feel like an undersea force in Bioshock and BioShock 2.

3. Batman: Arkham City

Platforms Developer Rocksteady Studios Release Date October 18, 2011.PC Nintendo Wii U,Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4,The Xbox One.If you like the vibrant and enticing urban landscapes of Rapture and Columbia, you’ll love exploring the intricate layout of Batman: Arkham City. There’s a lot to see and do among the filthy streets because nasty folks are around. There are additional benefits to exploring in the form of secrets and riddles that further immerse the player in a realistic and well-written world.

Being able to knock crooks and disgusting mutants around as the world’s best investigator is also really fulfilling and makes one feel like a hero sweeping the streets of filth. There are numerous fascinating technologies and powers available to gamers in their fight against crime and mayhem.

4. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 Release Date September 14, 2017 Platforms Larian StudiosiPad,PC Nintendo Switch,The PlayStation 4,The Xbox One.The synergy of powers is a concept that is rarely seen in action RPGs, even though it is a fantastic feature that adds complexity to any combat system. In BioShock, players can combine plasmids, tonics, and weapons to form outrageously effective offensive plans.

Those wishing for such deep and versatile strategy-creation capabilities may consider Divinity: Original Sin 2, which fosters such gameplay games like bioshock and dishonored. Combining specific characters’ skills for massive bonuses or following up elemental spells with others to compound terrain effects are just a few examples of what may be done in battle. Aside from combat, there are many places to explore and secrets to discover in a vibrant world.

5. Deus Ex

Date of release: June 23, 2000.Ion Storm Platforms PC PlayStation 2.Many believe Deus Ex to be a breakthrough game since it was one of the first attempts to create an interactable world with true consequences for a player’s choices.

Anyone who likes the atmospheric storytelling of BioShock will find a lot to like in Deus Ex. While the game hasn’t aged particularly well, the timeless gameplay and various mods will undoubtedly make things easier for a newbie.

6. System Shock 2 

Date of release: August 11, 1999.Platforms PC Developers Irrational Games, Looking Glass Studios.When discussing BioShock, it would be impossible not to mention the acclaimed title System Shock 2 when discussing innovative immersive simulators. While it is best known for its famed AI enemy, SHODAN, this influential sci-fi game has much more to offer.

The tight gameplay, great level design, and grim atmosphere of System Shock 2 should make BioShock players feel right at home. Don’t be frightened off by its age; in all fairness, this classic has aged quite well.

7. Thief 2: The Metal Age

Date of release: March 23, 2000.Platforms PC Developer Looking Glass Studios.The Thief series is considered a must-play by almost everybody who enjoys the immersive sim genre. Players are entrusted with weaving through residences surreptitiously to steal as much riches as possible, putting them in the heart of a mysterious world in Garrett’s shoes.

The first game is a solid title in its own right, but Thief 2: The Metal Age is where the series truly shines. While the latest game in the series may have tanked spectacularly, there’s no reason to dismiss the franchise entirely – Garrett can always make a comeback.

8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Date of release: March 20, 2007Platforms PC Developer GSC Game World.The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is an underappreciated gem in the mainstream gaming community, with a small but vocal fanbase extolling the franchise’s creativity.

The finest beginning point in the series is Shadow Of Chernobyl, which allows players to see the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise excel at its creative height before becoming more technically excellent at the expense of some charm. Shadow of Chernobyl is a competitive survival open-world game, especially in the early hours while newbies adjust to the harsh climate.

9. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Date of release: May 20, 2014 Developer: MachineGames Platforms.PC,Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4,The Xbox One.After its prime, the Wolfenstein series was in a bit of a lull, with fresh and updated entries receiving only muted applause at best. All of that changed with the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Many fans hailed B.J. Blazkowicz’s return as a return to form, with the story being a surprising yet welcome highlight of this title. Of course, for this title to be recognized as a true Wolfenstein, the combat had to be fantastic… and, happily, its excellent gunplay and high-octane firefights made for an incredible experience that set the stage for the new era of Wolfenstein.

10. Vampire: the Masquerade — Bloodlines

Vampire Bloodlines in The MasqueradeTroika Games Platforms PC Release Date November 16, 2004.When it comes to action RPGs that are similar to BioShock, Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines is an easy choice. The game is one-of-a-kind, and even some jank gameplay won’t detract from what is objectively a superb title… until the team ran out of time and money.

Regardless, Bloodlines is excellent, and there’s a reason why fans are so excited about the impending sequel.

11. We Are a Happy Few

10th of August, 2018Platforms Compulsion Games DeveloperPCThe PlayStation 4The Xbox OneAt first glance, it’s simple to see why most people compared We Happy Few’s aesthetics and atmosphere to BioShock. When players play the game for themselves, the similarities become even more pronounced.

With its decreased price tag, the game has gone a long way from its rough launch and is well worth a purchase. It’s a shame that the narrative of this title doesn’t get more attention because it’s by far the best part of the total experience.

12. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Date of release: May 14, 2021 Developer: BioWare Platforms PC Xbox One and PlayStation 4While Mass Effect may not be as atmospheric as BioShock, the sci-fi RPG series may still be made. With the release of the Legendary Edition, more and more people will be able to experience this incredible trilogy.

The epic tale and unique cast of characters are what made to make the Mass Effect trilogy a beloved piece of gaming history. Commander Shepard is a beloved character and seeing him save the universe time and again never gets old.

13. Metro Exodus

Date of release: February 15, 2019 Developer: 4A Games Platforms,PC,The PlayStation 4.The PlayStation 5,The Xbox OneFor a long time, the Metro series underappreciate, which was a disservice to the incredible brilliance of this title. However, with the release of Metro Exodus, people could realize why this franchise had captivated so many people.

Metro Exodus’ atmosphere and gameplay complement each other brilliantly, instilling players with a sense of dread that BioShock fans will recognize. It’s an easy recommendation for anyone who wasn’t pleased with repeatedly beating down Frank Fontaine and Andrew Ryan.

14. Soma

Soma Game Release Date September 22, 2015 DeveloperPlatforms for Frictional Games.PC,The PlayStation 4,The Xbox One,Soma has little in common with BioShock in terms of gameplay, as it is a survival horror game rather than a first-person shooter with some horror aspects. In terms of surroundings, though, they are cut from the same cloth.

Soma takes set in a terrifying undersea research facility managed by a team of the last humans on the planet. This horror title, which raises intriguing concerns through its superb writing and unpleasant atmosphere, is a must-play for anyone looking for games akin to BioShock.

15. Singularity

Raven Software Platforms released the release on June 29, 2010.PC,Xbox 360 PlayStation 3.Without mentioning Singularity, a list of neglected and undervalued FPS titles would be incomplete. This game was positively oozing with a sinister atmosphere and full of fantastic time-bending powers, but it never made it into the gaming mainstream.

Despite its flaws, Singularity is an easy recommendation for any fan of outstanding first-person shooters. Using the Time Manipulation Device to eliminate each enemy in Renko’s way is never boring.

16. DOOM Eternal

Date of release: March 20, 2020.The Nintendo Switch.PC,The PlayStation 4,The PlayStation 5The Xbox One,Xbox X/S Series.DOOM Eternal’s landscape is more brutal than beautiful, in contrast to Bioshock’s, yet the gameplay is as thrilling. Players can go on a demon-slaying rampage full of exciting executions by using various power-ups and fantastic weapons.

As in BioShock, gamers take control of a formidable fighter from a first-person perspective that immerses them in the vibrant, compelling world. There are nooks and crannies to explore for amazing surprises and hot loot, making each level worth exploring.

17. Far Cry 3

Ubisoft Montreal Platforms Release Date November 29, 2012.PC,The PlayStation 3,The PlayStation 4,Xbox 360,The Xbox One.If nothing else, Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise is dependable. For better or worse, fans can confident in knowing exactly what type of experience they will having, and this predictability can attributed in large part to Far Cry 3. Even though its predecessors were both outstanding open-world shooters, the third instalment pushed the franchise to superstardom.

Far Cry 3 is a very different beast from BioShock, although they both contain charismatic antagonists who address philosophical or societal issues. Ubisoft’s game also outguns Irrational Games’ masterwork in terms of gunplay.

18. Dead Space

Date of release: October 13, 2008.Platforms EA Redwood Shores Developer,PC,Xbox 360 PlayStation 3.Dead Space is one of the scarier games on this list, fitting nicely in with BioShock. In the first game, as Isaac Clarke, players are led through a frightening odyssey that is punishing, claustrophobic, and consistently intense. Later games forgo the oppressive atmosphere of the first game for greater action, making the first Dead Space more loyal to the BioShock series’ concept.

Thematically, Dead Space is not as rich or ambitious as 2K’s franchise; nonetheless, the horror game still features good characters and an expansive backstory, which expand out further in the sequels.

19. Fallout: New Vegas

Obsidian Entertainment Platforms released the game on October 19, 2010.PC,Xbox 360 PlayStation 3.Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best role-playing games to come out in the last two decades. Despite all of Obsidian Entertainment’s development issues, they nevertheless managed to release one of the most robust and complete role-playing experiences available… although one riddled with faults at launch.

With a few updates and mods, however, New Vegas not only becomes much more playable but also transforms into a thrilling adventure that displays what the role-playing genre is capable of.

20. Dishonored 2

Platforms Developer Arkane Studios Release Date November 11, 2016.PC,The PlayStation 4,The Xbox One.It seemed inevitable that Arkane Studios would feature on a list of action RPGs similar to BioShock, and it’s maybe not surprising that this is not their first appearance on this list.

Dishonoured was a fantastic game in its own right, and Dishonored 2 decided to make everything larger, better, and more enjoyable. The tight gameplay and incredible level design would be sufficient to qualify this game as a fantastic immersive simulator.


One can’t help but think about Rapture when they travel through the Talos I Space Station games like bioshock and dishonored, which is as eerie as the underwater metropolis. It’s simply a fantastic game that showcases Arkane Studios at its best.

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