Best 16 Games Like Subnautica for Survival Adventure

There is one thing that unites even the most courageous among us: a healthy dose of fear about the unknown Games Like Subnautica. And our fear is put to the test when we are exposed to a situation where we are both out of our comfort zone and very vulnerable to harm—a situation that can be best represented in an interactive media form.

However, other ways exist to experience a more realistic and immersive survival game. Below are some excellent alternatives to Subnautica that will satisfy your need for primitive gameplay.

To the best of your ability, list games just like Subnautica.

Another excellent 2019 release, Satisfactory, exemplifies the best minimalist survival design.

1. Dead Island

Dead Island, one of the few triple-A games on our list, has entered popular culture as a benchmark for the genre.

The Games Like Subnautica job is to survive on an island at the centre of a virus outbreak and find contact with the authorities. In addition, you need to escape the sick island and discover what’s happening. This one made a name for Techland. It’s highly recommended that you look into it.


Until SOMA, no horror game had ever encapsulated the four pillars of a real classic quite as they do.Everything about it is superior to any other horror game, including the direction, art direction, sound design, level design, pacing, and narrative. Though SOMA’s exploration, decisions, and puzzles are all top-notch, the game’s stunning scares will stand out.

The Games Like Subnautica unnerving ambiguity, on par with that of Outlast, will leave you open to most of the things you come across, and you’ll need to take it vulnerable if you want to survive long enough to uncover the truth.

3. No Man’s Sky

Everyone who has followed the game of No Man’s Sky knows that it has gone through hell and back to reclaim the faith placed on the first notion that Hello Games had put out.

No Man’s Sky is one of gaming’s greatest comeback stories, having been transformed into a survival exploration game that rivals and surpasses the best of its genre.

There isn’t much to the Games Like Subnautica loop in No Man’s Sky, but the world’s flair lies in the continuous alerts it provides, which keep you on your toes by continually reminding you of things to do on the other planets and the ones you currently inhabit.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond doesn’t have too many tense moments. On the other hand, the game’s capacity to keep you engaged and coming back to complete the same tedious activities every day sounds like the description of insanity by a particular pirate on a certain island.

Vaas is in no way responsible for the entertaining nature of the game. Play some time to enjoy No Man’s Sky.

4. Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Scott is the confluence of all the numerous concepts Eidos Montreal has had and implemented over the past two games. It serves as the penultimate entry in the new trilogy chronicling Lara Croft’s struggles and tribulations on her way to becoming the renowned Tomb Raider.

Two months have since the previous game’s events, and now Lara and her buddy Jonah are deeply engaged with the global criminal organization Trinity to bring it down.

This takes them to a series of breathtaking settings, from the bustling streets of Mexico to legendary cities cloaked in mythological cobwebs, showcasing the art department’s talents once again.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a highly polished game with a lengthy campaign (25 hours), stunning visuals (including some fantastic cinematic scenes), and a high level of polish overall. There’s promise here, so we can’t wait to see what the character looks like in the next version.

5. Satisfactory

You play the role of a regular industrial worker in this game, a cog in the great machine you’re going to build, and you’re on your own to keep everything together in a foreign world with as little hospitality as you can imagine.

The factory must succeed no matter what occurs. Thus it would help if you survived these foreign attacks.

6. The Solus Project

The Solus Project is a worthwhile survival game in a similar scenario to Satisfactory, despite being much less of an open world and more of a single exploration narrative.

Your protagonist explores an alien world in search of resources before deciding whether or not to make a permanent colony there. Here you are, alone in a world teeming with riches you must explore and discover.

7. Craftopia

Craftopia is a survival game where you can eat, farm, fish, forage, and more. It’s a critical darling since it borrows the best features from previous games in the genre. The rest is standard RPG fare Games Like Subnautica, such as a comprehensive system for making new characters, a system for organizing abilities into trees, and so on.

The developers have intended to do a product catering to the player who wants the best of both worlds. Check a look at Craftopia on the Steam Market.

8. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

An ambitious attempt to convey the story of the humans who came much earlier in the evolutionary cycle, Ancestors traces the course of human evolution.

As a member of an early primate tribe, you must forage for food while protecting your group from predators and navigating the time’s complex social and economic issues.

9. Subsistence

Subsistence is a first-person role-playing game in which you must learn to survive not with the land but despite it, as the environment constantly presents you with new and challenging obstacles.

Without a clear goal, you’ll have to do many different things to ensure your character lives, like fending off hostile environments, scavenging for supplies, forming your little group of friends, and more.

10. Abzu

Adding some fun to the list, Abzu makes excellent use of the fantastic world in which it is set. The beautiful underwater world is made for wandering, and it never lets you down or pulls you out of the point.

Abzu deliberately brings the narrative to a point in a way that is both prominent and soothing.

You play the role of a scuba diver who, unlike real divers, doesn’t have to make about running out of air or getting stuck in a tight past, allowing you to explore all the hidden treasures hidden behind every corner.

11. Kenshi

Kenshi is among the more gruesome games on our list and one of the older ones.

The PC-exclusive role-playing game Survivor finds players traversing a dreary, bleak, and cruel world with terrible scenarios and overwhelming odds.

This is the game for you if you enjoy challenging systems and high difficulty games.

12. Ark: Survival Evolved

Everyone from my era will always have a special place in their hearts for Jurassic Park. Ark: Survival Evolved expands on this premise, letting you create the Jurassic paradise of your dreams.

Even though fully licensed AAA Jurassic Park games have made a game on the market, Studio Wildcard’s 2017 release holds as well.

The survival game Ark, playable on a wide range of devices, places players on a fictional island where they must coexist with various prehistoric creatures, such as dinosaurs and other mythical beasts.

The game features player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) components, allowing players to construct bases, collect dinosaurs and other creatures as pets, host servers with their friends, and begin looting other players’ bases.

13. The Forest

We finally get to the surface for the third and last game on our list. The Forest is a horror-themed survival game in which players must make it through a harrowing island inhabited by everything from rabid animals to mutated cannibals.

You and your son are starting the story on a flight. Amid the mayhem, you fight to protect your son from the impending plane disaster.

Between blackouts, you witness the abduction of your son; upon awakening, you surround by trees and an eerie calm.

14. Raft

The player in Raft begins as a lone survivor after some maritime survival, and the version’s equivalent of constructing a strong base is, unsurprisingly, building a raft to help them traverse the vast, harsh sea.

Raft’s open world is one of the game’s best features because it allows for the development of new features and mechanics, which the developers have executed brilliantly.

The normal survival game elements are also there, such as the necessity to avoid hunger and thirst and the danger posed by a wide variety of predatory creatures.

On the other hand, you could leave your raft and explore any of the many islands dotting the massive chart.

15. Firewatch

The video game Firewatch is incredibly challenging. It doesn’t even come close to requiring concentration and reflexes of Dark Souls. It’s hard to describe how captivating the experience is, though.

You play the premise of a park ranger seeking to uncover the truth behind a missing person’s report that turns out to be more nefarious than it first appears.Firewatch’s impressive interactivity makes it almost real despite its lack of photorealistic graphics.

The game’s world is dynamic and responsive to your actions rather than static. Neither does it have to, as its gradual, steady pull keeps you moving forward in pursuit of the next task.

A compelling set of tales that do not mess around, or let you mess about, will feel right at home for lovers of Subnautica.

16. Long Dark

Let’s keep the frigid weather going for a while longer. The Long Dark is set in the Canadian wilderness, brutal but beautiful in its own right, after a series of geomagnetic storms.

In this game, you play the role of a pilot who has crashed in the wilderness and must now survive the many perils he faces, such as the biting cold, the constant threat of hunger and tiredness, and the danger posed by various things of wildlife. There are four predefined levels of difficulty, plus a fifth, that you may create yourself.

There’s even a story here, spanning four episodes (with a fifth in the works) and revolving around the adventures of Will Mackenzie, a pilot on the hunt for his missing passenger, Dr Astrid Greenwood. The narrative has more variety because either character can play, depending on the episode.

Completely engrossing videogames

As such, this list of games that are, at least superficially, comparable to Subnautica is complete. There are, of course, a plethora of other survival games like The Forest, some of which were included on a different list. 

.Remember to check a look!

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