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Google Hangouts Tracking: 2 Ways

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a popular messaging app part of the Google ecosystem; it is the company’s response to other chat apps like WhatsApp. You can video chat, send hangout messages, and do other things with Hangouts.

However, there may be situations when you want to monitor someone using this app. For example, if your child frequently uses Google Hangouts, watch their conversations to understand what’s happening.

In such cases, knowing how to track someone on Hangouts is critical for keeping them safe from online and potentially physical abuse.

In this article, I’ll review two methods for viewing someone’s Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts Tracking in Two Ways

Google Play information page for Google Hangouts on desktop

Before you do this, remember that the law often needs you to make the owner if you want to install a spy app, so check your local jurisdiction regulations first. The consequences of your actions may be criminal, and you may be held accountable.

Proceed if you are confident that you are not violating any applicable laws.

There are two highly reliable ways to track Hangouts: via surveillance programs like uMobix and mSpy.

Using uMobix to track Google Hangouts

If you are concerned about your children’s Google Hangouts activity on their mobile phones, the first method to try is uMobix.

UMobix is a parental control app that allows parents to monitor their children’s devices. You only need to install the app on their device to access their text messages and who they’re chatting or talking to.

Furthermore, uMobix is more than just a Hangouts tracker. It can also see other social media apps and allow you to view the target device’s contents. Other conversation apps are included.

Other features of uMobix include accessing phone files, monitoring keystrokes, and tracking location.

In the next part, I’ll walk you through using uMobix to view Google Hangouts messages on the target device.

How to Track Someone’s Hangouts with uMobix

Before you begin, you should know that uMobix is a paid subscription service.

As a result, if you wish to use its full range of services, you must first obtain an active subscription from its website.Also, keep in mind that I’ll be completing the installation and actual trial on a jailbroken Android device because it has more features.

While uMobix does include an iPhone tracker, its features are significantly limited. You can read my full uMobix review here.

With that out, let’s get started on the steps.

  1. Start by installing the app on a target device, such as your child’s Android phone. Make sure you have your phone with you.
  2. Log in to the uMobix website using the email and password you used to confirm your subscription.
  3. After that, follow the on-screen directions to install the app. In my extensive evaluation, I also discussed the entire procedure. To proceed, click Next.
  4. Download the app using a link or a QR code.
  5. Give your browser to save the APK file to your device.
  6. Install the APK first. First, turn off Play Protect. Go to Google Play, tap your profile image in the top right corner of the interface, and then click Play Protect.
  7. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Play Protect option to disable everything.
  8. With Play Protect turned off, you can install the app on the target phone. Install the uMobix app and then navigate to the screen shown below. Then click on AGREE AND CONTINUE.
  9. Then, select ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING. Your phone will then send you to your Settings window, where you must give it the necessary rights.
  10. Step 7 should be repeated until you reach the automatic setup option. UMobix will thereafter handle the installation until you complete the process. This screen should appear on your PC.
  11. After that, the uMobix desktop platform should load and expose your new dashboard, which also serves as your control panel.
  12. Go to the toolbar on the left to begin tracking activity on Hangouts.
  13. You should see an indication that the target phone is using Google Hangouts on the right side, in the main area of the interface.
  14. Wait a few moments for the screenshots of the target phone using Hangouts to show on the main window.

UMobix will not allow you to access the chat app, but it will display screenshots of the in-app activities.

With these screenshots, you can view everything happening on the device’s Hangouts app. It will not notify owners that their text messages and conversations are being read.

You now understand how to track someone on Hangouts. Begin monitoring with uMobix today!

UMobix Google Hangouts Tracking With mSpy

mSpy is another spy app that parents may use to assist in protecting their children’s online activities.

This spy app can monitor various instant messaging and social networking platforms, including Hangouts. In this mSpy review, I discussed all of its features.

Anyone can use mSpy to monitor Hangout messages and observe who the target device user is talking to or chatting with.

Follow the steps below to use this app as an effective Hangouts tracker.

How to track Someone’s Hangouts Using mSpy

Again, mSpy is a premium app, so you must purchase a subscription before using it.

You may begin installing it on your target device once your email account and password are available.

  1. Like uMobix, you must first log in to mSpy’s platform before installing it on the target phone.
  2. Following that, you must follow the same steps as uMobix. You must disable Play Protect, install the mSpy app on your phone, configure mSpy by providing it the necessary permissions, and then navigate to your desktop to view the mSpy dashboard.
  3. You can now track Google Hangouts using this app. The dashboard also serves as your control panel, so go to the top left corner and click the menu symbol to bring up the toolbar.
  4. Scroll down until Google Hangouts appears in the list of features.
  5. Clicking the Google Hangouts option will bring you to mSpy’s Hangouts tracker. This will allow you to view chats as if you were on the app.
  6. You now know how to track someone on Google Hangouts! Again, mSpy can track hangouts conversations, video chat histories, and other functions. Try it out right now!


Can Google Hangouts be monitored?

Google Hangouts may be monitored using two different programs: uMobix and mSpy. As discussed in the tutorial above, all you need to do is install one of these spy applications and then navigate to the chat app you want to monitor.

Tracking Someone on Hangouts: The End

Tracking someone on their Google Hangouts account can be useful for concerned parents who want to know what their children are up to online.

With all of today’s threats, checking your minor’s chat apps is the least you can do. It will also assist you in determining whether you should erase Hangouts photos or chats in case someone else is snooping on you.

You can do that with mSpy or uMobix; both options work well and are simple to use!

With the specific guidelines in this post, you can now rest assured that you can protect your children no matter what they do online.

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