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Google Lens Access and Usage on Android and iOS

Google Lens

TGoogle Lens is essentially Google Search plus image-related services like translation, optical character recognition, etc. Any plant, animal, or object may be identified and learned more about by opening the Lens app and pointing the camera at it. You can use a scanner to find and purchase the exact garment, piece of furniture, or toy you scanned. Also, you can copy Text from anyplace, translate from an unknown language to one you know, and much more. This post will delve into the various methods of gaining access to and effectively utilizing Google Lens on Android and iOS.

The Google Lens App (Android)

All Android users must download the Google Lens app to utilize Lens on the fly. When compared to other methods we tried, installing the standalone app was the simplest way to access even though it is already included in the Google app and Android OS. Click on the link below to open the Play Store and install Google Lens from Play Store  on your device.

It’s also possible to pin it to your home screen for instant access.

Second, the Google App (Android and iOS)

The Google app provides a quick and easy way to access Google. Google is a built-in app for Android devices, while the iOS version can be downloaded through the Google app from the App store..

Launch the Google mobile app and use the camera icon in the search bar to begin. Doing so will immediately open Google Lens.

The Android and iOS 3 versions of the Google app feature a Lens button.

Google Assistant (Android) (Android)

On Android, Google Assistant is enabled by default and may be accessed from nearly any device. Google Assistant is available on iOS, but it works differently, making it more difficult to use Google Lens.

An open “Hey Google” or a diagonal swipe from the bottom corners will launch Google Assistant. The Google  button can found at the bottom of the page. Tap to access Google Lens.

Depending on your Android version and the Google Assistant version you’re using, the interface for Google Assistant will seem slightly different. Say “Open Google Lens” to access it if you can’t find the  icon in Google Assistant.

Four, a Google App Widget (Android and iOS)

Widgets can used in the Google app on both Android and iOS. The Google search widget is typically pre-installed on the home screen of Android devices. If it isn’t already there, or if you accidentally deleted it, you can always add it by holding it down on the home screen until the Widgets option appears. To add Google, search for it in the widgets panel and tap on it.

To place the Search option on your default search method, long-press on it in the menu that appears.

For iOS, press and hold the home screen, then tap the Plus icon in the upper left. Search Google, and tap on it in this window.

To add a widget, swipe right and tap the option. After doing so, the device will appear on your home screen, where you can then move it to a more convenient location using the standard drag-and-drop method.You may quickly open Lens on Android and iOS by tapping the widget’s Lens icon.

Five. Camera (Pixel and OnePlus)

Pixel, OnePlus, and other stock Android OEMs have built  Lens into their camera app. The lens may used by launching the Camera app and tapping the More button.

The Pixel camera’s integration with Google Lens
If you click on it, Google Lens will open instantly. Samsung’s alternative to Google Lens called Bixby Vision. It’s the same service and experience, but Samsung makes it.

Google Picasa 6 (Android and iOS)

One may use Google Lens for more than just scanning the physical world. Photos and screenshots saved on your device can also observed. To use  Lens to check an image, open the  Photos app (available for Android and iOS) and load the picture you wish to scan.

When the image has loaded, go to the image’s settings and tap the Lens button. With this, Google Lens will launch and open, scanning the area of your chosen picture.

Tutorial for Google Lens on iOS and Android

The user interface is identical when you first open Lens on Android or iOS. Some helpful hints and examples for employing Google Lens are provided below.

All pictures on your phone or device will displayed when you open the app. Please select any of them to get started scanning. To select images from a different album, tap the ellipsis in the top right corner.

The camera can also used to perform real-time item scans. To scan an object, you need to position the camera over it and tap the Search icon (the magnifying glass).

When you’re through scanning, swipe up to reveal the “Add to search” option, and then click it.You can provide more feedback from this vantage point. It’s possible to scan a dress and then apply any color you like to it. If you ask for a certain color, the results will show that the dress is in that hue.

On both iOS and Android, Google has released Lens.

Google Lens also offers many more capabilities, such as scanning QR Codes, listening to books, storing calendar events, etc. You can learn more by reading our article full of helpful hints for using Google Lens.

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