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How to Activate Your PCH Subscription Using Activation Code

How to Activate Your PCH Subscription Using Activation Code

Direct marketing company Publishers Clearing House (PCH) sells items and magazine subscriptions and runs games with prizes and sweepstakes. Even though the company is best known for its contests and Prize Patrol, which sells magazine subscriptions, most of its money comes from selling merchandise. If you bought a Publishers Clearing House subscription with an activation code, you must activate it on the page. You can activate your PCH subscription on the page by following the steps below.

How to Activate Your PCH Subscription at

Activate your PCH subscription by opening a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer before entering the PCH activation code to activate your actnow subscription.

After opening a web browser, type into the address bar to go to the Publisher Clearing House activation page.

On the PCH activation page, you must type the activation enter code into the field and click the Submit Code button. This will bring up the next screen.

To finish the activation process, go to the next screen and follow the on-screen directions.

Note: Keep your activation code handy because you’ll need to enter it during the activation process to start your PCH subscription.

After you finish the activation process, you’ll be able to use the Publishers Clearing House services you bought.

To Get Into Your PCH Account, Sign In.

If you already have a PCH account and want to sign in, you must follow the steps below.

Note: If you forget your account password, click or touch the “Click Here” link next to “Forgot or need to reset your password?” and follow the on-screen instructions to reset it.

To Register Your PCH Account

If you want to make a PCH account, you must follow the steps below.

So, these are the steps you need to follow on the page to activate your PCH activation code.

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