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How to Change Font on Facebook Posts and Stories

The beauty of social media is that you can customize your posts whatever you like. You can change the customization option if it comes pre-installed or if you get it from a third-party source. Likewise, you may simply change the font on your Facebook posts and stories.

Facebook is the most widely used social media site on the planet. With such a large number of posts, you’ll need to be more creative in order to boost engagement. Because most Facebook posts are in the default fb font, using alternative fonts on your Facebook post may help your post stand out.

How to Change Font on Facebook Posts and Stories

In this article, you can learn about font changer for facebook. Here are the details below;

Fonts on Facebook

Unfortunately, there was no built-in facility to change the fonts on the Facebook platform. You’ll need to use LIngojam, a third-party application. For your Facebook posts, you can choose from a number of fonts in the Lingojam. The key measures copy-paste and tab switching. As a result, for easy control, we propose that you use the PC.

How to Change Font on Facebook: Website

(1) Go to Lingojam’s Facebook Font changer page using a web browser on Windows or Mac.

(2) On the Normal text goes here… tab, type your Facebook post.

(3) Now, on the And fancy text will appear here… tab, you’ll see the same text in multiple fonts.

(4) Scroll down to see all of the font styles available. Choose and copy the font you need.

(5) Go to your Facebook profile and start writing an article.

(6) Paste the text from the Lingojam website into the text box.

(7) The font will be in a different style. To post your Facebook status in a different font, click the Post button.

How to Change Font On Facebook: Using App

(1) Go to the Play Store or App Store and download the Fonts app.

(2) On your smartphone, open the Fonts app. Click the Enable Fonts Keyboard icon on Android. Click the Go to settings button on iOS.

(3) Toggle the Fonts button on.

(4) The Enable Fonts Keyboard button now has a Tick mark next to it. The app will be activated automatically in iOS.

(5) Type something in the Facebook app. On the top of the keyboard, you’ll find all kinds of fonts. To access more fonts, swipe left.

(6) On iOS devices, tap the Fonts icon on the left side to access a selection of fonts.

Note – Users can use these methods to change the font in their Facebook stories as well.

These are the different methods for changing the font on Facebook. Only a few social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, support multiple fonts. Facebook will also offer a separate font feature in the future. Let’s hope so, and in the meantime, you’ll have to rely on Lingojam or the Fonts app.

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