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How to Take Screenshot on HP Laptop and Desktop

Many situations can benefit from the use of screenshots. It helps in Situations when you want to share the ticket that you have booked for your friend, sharing an Instagram photo, sharing a Reddit meme, and it continues on. Taking a screenshot on Android and iPhone is easier. But on PCs, you need to know the tricks to take a screenshot in an effective way. In this article, we will discuss how to screenshot on HP Laptop and Computer.

How to Take Screenshot on HP Laptop and Desktop?

How to Take Full Screenshot on HP Laptops and Pcs?

(1) Press the Win key + PrintScreen button on your keyboard while you are on the screen you want to capture.

(2) In order to save the screenshot, your PC screen will flash momentarily.

(3) Not on your PC, but rather on your clipboard, a screenshot is kept. Open any image editors like Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot.

(4) Take a screenshot with your PC’s Paint software, then store it wherever you like on your pc.

Take a look at our standard method for how to take partial screenshot on Windows devices if you’re using a laptop or desktop from another brand.

How to Take Partial Screenshot on HP Laptops and PCs?

(1) To take a partial screenshot, press Win + Shift + S.

(2) You’ll notice that your cursor has changed to a crosshair at this time.

(3) Click and drag the crosshair on the screen to capture it.

(4) When you release the mouse pointer, the partial screenshot will be saved on your clipboard.

(5) Use the Paint app to save the screenshot on your PC.

How to Take Screenshot on HP Computer using the Snipping Tool?

Only by using the Snipping Tool on an HP laptop or desktop computer can you take a screenshot without first pressing the Printscreen button.

(1) Windows PCs existing guidelines with Microsoft’s Snipping Tool. Open the tool and click the New icon.

(2) Click and Drag the mouse pointer to capture the screen. Custom shapes can also be screenshotted.

(3) When you are done, click the Save icon to save the screenshot on your PC.

The above three methods can be used to take a screenshot on any HP models like Pavilion, Spectre, Stream and on any Windows OS like 10,8, and 7. You can follow the same steps on an HP laptop running Chrome OS. You may find out how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook by clicking on the link.

Our Opinion

That’s all. These are three ways that you can take a screenshot on HP laptop and desktops. If you wish to take a screenshot in a complicated way, install any of the Screenshot apps for your laptop like Lightshot, ShareX, Snagit. If you’re aware of any other methods for taking a screenshot on HP systems, please take them in the comments.

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