Top 21 JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Online 2023

JustDubs alternatives are some of the best and best for people who want to watch anime. Saddest of all, the person who runs their website has shut down their site, which they built so people could find their movies in a vast library of anime shows and movies.

This website has both subtitles and calls that are in HD. However, some people are looking for more features and options when watching anime on the web. We found a lot of great alternatives to JustDubs, so we’ve put together a list of 10.

Top 21 JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Online 2023

To learn more about justdubs alternatives, read on. Here are the facts:

We’ve looked into this on many different websites, and the best and most essential features and options are found on the sites below. There are a lot of websites below, and users can choose which one is the best for them. If you know of another anime streaming website, you can select which one you want to watch anime on.

In this case, there is no single site where you can find all of the anime series and movies, and shows that you want to watch. But you can look through your favorite series on these websites and have a good time, and laugh at the things that make you happy.

1. Anime Heaven

For anime fans, it is like a dream come true for the users who use the site. Anime Heaven is a site that gives away free movies and anime shows that people can watch. This website helps its users by grouping its content and making it easier for them to get to the databases. If you have Windows or iOS, you can play Anime Heaven. For example, this site has a way to download in a high quality that the user wants.

The people who run the Anime Heaven site often make changes to the site and supply the most recent update in it. They don’t have any ads on their site, and they don’t let their users go to any other site. They also have the anime series in the annual compilations that they make. There are many good alternatives to Just Dubs. This site is one of the best.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is at the top of the list of the best places to watch JustDubs. You can find more than 15,000 hours of 25,000 episodes on its site.

Crunchyroll is an anime streaming service that lets people watch new and popular anime shows. They also let people watch their shows with subtitles in English, and they also call them in different languages. Another time, this website is offering its service in High Definition (HD) and the 720p quality for all of the videos on this website again.

The user has to register up for these websites in order to access this anime series. If you want to see this, you should use one of the many operating systems that are out there, such as Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation and Chromecast, Xbox and Wii U, Roku Box, and so on. Many different contents can be used to read the information on this site.

3. Animeland

Animeland is one of the best alternatives for the Just Dubs online to go. They use a free service that lets users use it. It also doesn’t seem like they ask their users to set up an account on their website. There are more than 20 thousand anime episodes on Animeland for its users to choose from. This means that the user can get premium anime series that are new dubbed anime 2022 on their site so that they can laugh at them with their other users.

To save their users time, this site lists the anime films alphabetically, and there are many other areas on their site that do the same thing. The users can also use both the premium version and the free version. Users can use this website for free. Users can buy subscriptions on the Animeland site. You can also look at other animeheaven alternatives, if you want to.

4. Anime Show TV

Anime Show TV has the best user interface and free anime content for its users. This site has great layouts and a lot of anime movies, and it’s easy to find them all through the site. Anime Show TELEVISION has a great discussion section where people can talk to each other and tell each other about their anime movies.

People who go to the Anime Show TV site can find a lot of different kinds of things there, like what’s popular, what people usually watch, and more. This makes the user stay on their website longer. People don’t like that this site has a lot of ads, and that sometimes hidden links on the site send them to other websites. I think it is one of the best alternatives to the JustDubs anime english website.

5. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is one of the finest alternatives to justdubs me that you can find. In which they have a huge collection of the best and most popular anime shows. Users don’t need to set up an account or register to use this website, and it’s free for everyone to use.

CartoonCrazy has the best user-friendly interface. Also, it has broken down the anime reveals into different groups so that users don’t have to spend a lot of time looking through the videos. This will help them save time. It has already been classified as the most popular, the most watched, the most trending, the most recent episodes, and so on, with subtitles in different languages.

6. Kissanime

In a few years, Kissanime was the most popular anime site. Kissanime was the most popular site a few years ago. Where Kissanime gives its service to its users at no charge, you can also get it for free. The longer they work, the more stable they are, so they can give their users better speed and optimization.

Kissanime is one of the best alternatives to go to if you don’t like the what happened to JustDubs site. There is a site called Kissanime that is only for anime films and series shows. I think it’s the best place to enjoy the fun of seeing cartoon animations. It also gives their users the best quality so they can watch high-quality anime films in HD.

7. GoGoanime

Because they don’t need to be told about GoGoanime, this site is very well-known. From the time they are made, they offer anime to their users. This is what they do from the start. GoGo Anime has a lot of different kinds of material for their users, like anime shows, films, animations, and even foreign shows. The subtitles for the media on this site can be changed.

On this GoGoanime, the English subtitles are easy to find for users who use it. The gives the user a list of the things on this site in a way that makes it easier for them. This site is more useful than the JustDubs, which gives you the current episodes and lets you stream them for free.

8. AnimeStreams

AnimeStreams is one of the best options to the JustDubs website. Furthermore, it is known for having a very nice interface. JustDubs is very similar to this site because it has a picture-based interface and the same kinds of contents on there.

AnimeStreams has classified their anime episodes, and users get a good speed because the site is very well-optimized. Which has high-definition (HD) quality videos on it. Even though Zooqle has a lot of alternatives, you should also look at them.

9. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is one of the best anime sites because it has a simple and easy to use UI and is also easy to use. All you have to do is view at a lot of captions and copies of the videos, as well as free animated content. It has a lot of great alternatives for downloading anime that don’t use a lot of information.

Despite the fact that it has a few ads and promotions, it gives the scenes good quality and an easy to use interface. All of the anime content on this website can be watched in 720p, which makes this site better than other online anime streaming sites. The first thing you see when you go to this website is a list of the most recent episodes. The most recent anime shows are also shown on the landing page every week to keep their viewers up to date.

10. AnimeToon

This site has a list of all the new anime that was released just a few days ago. It doesn’t cost anything to watch Anime on AnimeToon, and there is a lot of it. If you used to use other alternatives, you will feel as easy as you did before with them.

All you have to do is look through all kinds of animation, kids’ shows, and films. This site lets you see all the best cartoons without ads getting in the way.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that there are ads all over the website. You can, however, not pay attention to them and use the search button to utilise your favourite anime instead. The best thing is that there are a lot of servers where you can view high-quality content without having to wait for it to load.

11. 9Anime

There is a website called 9Anime that has some popularity in the world of anime content that can be watched online. People who like to view it know that it has a lot of great features. It is known as one of the best websites to watch anime online for free.

If you want to watch anime content that has the best quality, then this website is the best choice for you. 9Anime has anime that are both in English and dubbed anime .net . It also has anime that are not in English. All in all, the user can download anime content without any trouble at all. In order to do this, all he needs to do is choose good content.

The unique thing about this site is that they don’t charge for any of these services. The whole site doesn’t have any ads. A lot of things: If we have a slow internet connection, we can choose to change the quality of the video on our web video to match our connection speed.

12. Anime Planet

The website has a lot more animated content than other sites of its kind. If you look at the name, Anime Planet, you can see that it is the best place to find and watch anime. You can also watch online cartoons movies at any time. This website has the most recent online anime content, and it also has high-quality links for people to watch anime over the internet, so they can watch it.

Users can always get to it through the internet. This website has a colourful graphical user interface that is similar to the other anime streaming sites that you can use. There are a lot of options that are easy to use so each person can choose which anime they want to watch from the list that comes down.

This means the user can also look at their own rating and choose what shows to watch on the web

13. AnimeLab

This is a website that wants to give its users a lot of different kinds of high-quality Anime content. At first glance, you might think that AnimeLab has all the same things as JustDubs. AnimeLab has a graphical user interface that is easy to use and understand.

Also, AnimesLab is one of the most popular websites to watch anime online. This user interface is completely safe, making it easy to get to all of your favourite anime content. That’s what this website is for. It’s got all the best anime shows together. Users can easily sign up and love how fast this website is because it is very well-optimized, and this website is very fast.

14. AnimeUltima

Because AnimeUltima also has anime content that was on Justdubs, it is the best replacement for it, because it has the same content. This website gives its users a wide range of web-based features. All anime fans can now enjoy a great time watching different anime content that has been just dubbed online in English. Customers of AnimeUltima also get to use a built-in media player on this website.

15. WatchDub

WatchDub is one of the best options to JustDubs. It looks like the JustDubs have on their website. This is the best thing about WatchDub. It has a multimedia gamer for its users to play. If you want to watch what’s called anime, you can also use YouTube. You need to go to to get YouTube on your TV.

16. Funimation

Funimation has more than 10,000 anime episodes and movies in its library, which is always being added to.

The anime streaming website is one of the main sources of anime material in North America. That means it now owns a lot of TV shows. Some of the most popular are Hunter x Hunter and Black Clover. It also owns Dragon Ball and Assassination Classroom.

Funimation only lets people in the United States and a few other places watch the anime that they have on there. From other parts of the world, you’ll need to use a service like ExpressVPN to get it.

Funimation is more than just a place where you can watch anime. Fans can find the most up-to-date news and information about anime games, manga, new and popular anime series, movies, clothing, collectibles, and more on this website.

This website lets you watch anime for free, but if you want a more immersive experience, you can pay for a subscription. There is a lot of free stuff if you’re willing to put up with ads. All of the videos on the website can be seen in a range of resolutions, from 480p to 1080p.

17. 1anime

Another of the best places to watch anime online besides JustDubs. 1anime is an anime website that has a lot of anime shows and movies. It’s a great place to find anime videos that have been dubbed and subtitled. Users will not be impressed by the look of this website, but that does not mean it is hard to use.

An advanced filter option makes it easy to find the anime videos you want to watch on the website. It is easy because there are only a few categories to choose from, like new releases, popular episodes, and the best anime. If you don’t know what you want, the Random function will make a choice for you.

On 1anime, all of the anime videos have sub or dub tags added to them so people can watch them. In order to have a high-quality viewing experience, the video quality should be in HD.

18. AnimeKisa

Anime Kisa is coming up next, so stay tuned. It is one of the best anime sites where you can watch free videos of movies and TV shows. Best of all, there are no ads on the website. A banner on the front page says that this will be a permanent feature. Anime Kisa has more than a thousand different anime episodes and movies. As more episodes are added every day, it’s only getting bigger.

Because of how easy it is to use, Anime Kisa has an advantage over many other free anime sites. It is well-designed and very easy to use. On the home page, there are two tabs that let you move between Dubbed and Subbed anime videos. There are a lot of different genres to choose from, as well as a powerful search bar.

You can choose the video source for your anime. If you want to watch your anime when you’re not at home, you can download it from the website in a number of different video quality options.

19. Anime Owl

Another of the best places to watch anime online besides JustDubs. There are many anime websites on this list, but Anime Owl is one of the best-looking ones. This makes it fun to watch movies on the site. However, it’s more than just a pretty look. This anime website has a lot of videos that are always being updated and can be seen in high definition resolution.

The site has a lot of different kinds of series, like TV shows, OVAs, ONAs, movies, and specials.

If you want to see what content is on an A-Z anime list, you can look at the content in alphabetical order. There are a lot of different genres to choose from as well. Anime Owl also has a lot of light novels that you can read online.

20. TubiTV

There are a lot of free anime websites, but Tubi TV is the first one that isn’t just an anime service.

Instead, it is an over-the-top (OTT) streaming series that has a lot of different types of videos, like movies, TV shows, and documentaries. There are a lot of different channels on Tubi TV that you can watch live. There are channels for news, sports, and even entertainment.

Anime fans aren’t forgotten, though. While it doesn’t have the most anime videos on this list, there are a lot of movies and shows that you can watch legally. Popular anime shows like One Punch Man, One Piece, Toriko, and Fairy Tail are on the series, as are many other popular shows. Most of the anime videos on Tubi TV are dubbed for people who speak English.

Tubi TV doesn’t have the best picture quality. Users can choose how good the video is when they watch anime on the website. 72op is the best. It’s not the end of the world, but if you could watch videos in full HD or better, you’d have a better experience.

21. Hulu

If you want to watch anime, Hulu is one of the best places to do it. It is one of the world’s most popular streaming services. Hulu is best known for its TV shows, movies, and originals, but it also has a lot of anime JustDubs com.

There are a lot of anime shows that you can watch on this site, such as One Piece and Dragon Ball Super. Most anime shows are dubbed in English. On the other hand, anime movies in this area are more likely to have subtitles than movies in other places. Akira, K Missing Kings, Afro Samurai Resurrection, and Fairy Tail: The Movie are some of the other shows and movies that are on this list

As you might expect, Hulu’s viewing experience is better than that of the other anime sites on our list. Hulu has a lot of different video quality options, like 720p, full HD, 4K Ultra HD, and 60fps HD, which you can choose from.

A new member can try Hulu for free for up to 30 days if they join. The app can also be found on Google Play and the App Store.


That’s all for now. These are some of the best and best alternatives to JustDubs. Websites like Crunchyroll have subscription plans. All of those websites are free to use. It’s up to the JustDubs tv to decide which one they like the best. 10 of the best sites to watch English-dubbed anime. JustDubs likes these 10 places the most.

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