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Steps to Delete McAfee LiveSafe on Windows

McAfee LiveSafe

These days, most Windows products already have McAfee’s antivirus software package installed. McAfee LiveSafe is one example of such a product. Protect your computer from malware and ransomware with LiveSafe’s antivirus, privacy, and identity solutions. It has a purpose, yet despite that, it is still unnecessary bloatware. It’s easy to download McAfee’s products from your computer, allowing you to remove a different antivirus suite. Getting rid of McAfee LiveSafe on a Windows PC is easy using one of the two approaches detailed in this article.

Check the Control Panel’s “Add/Remove Programs” option.

Download and run theMcAfee LiveSafe End-User Deinstallation Tool (MCPR)

Users have reported that the Windows uninstaller cannot completely remove McAfee LivSafe. You can try the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool if you encounter a problem attempting to remove LivSafe for PC (MCPR). So, let me show you.

After this step, all traces of McAfee software will be deleted from your machine. To finish the process, you will need to restart your computer.

Conclusion McAfee LiveSafe

Here are the two quick and easy ways to remove McAfee LiveSafe from your Windows computer. The MCPR tool can accomplish the operation if the normal uninstall process fails. To finish the uninstallation process, you must restart your computer. In addition to Revo, other uninstallers can remove McAfee LivSafe from your computer.

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