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Best 12 Review Management Software You Can Use

Review Management Software

Do you work in marketing or own a business? If so, online review management software should be used to monitor customer reviews. No matter how much you advertise your product, a potential customer will read online reviews before making a purchase. Because it is now a crucial component of marketing strategy pornhub, you shouldn’t let this field go unregulated. You can utilize online review management tools to assist you instead of manually monitoring the online reviews on various portals.

What Is Review Management, Exactly?

The management of online reviews of your product or company is what the term “review management” refers to (websites or social media.) It is the process of monitoring, evaluating, and responding to reviews. Both small and large businesses can use effective review management to combat negative reviews while promoting positive ones.

Benefits of Review Management Software

Employing software for online review management will give you the following advantages:

Offer Live feedback

You may respond to customers immediately when they post a review using online reputation management solutions. It will assist you in building stronger relationships with customers and give them the proper response.

Dealing with bad reviews

You may solve consumer issues and improve the business process by using negative reviews to assist you in finding out what they are. Review management software makes it simple to manage such reviews attentively, which will showcase your business acumen. Additionally, you can spot fraudulent reviews and respond appropriately to them.

Become A Trustworthy Brand

By managing and responding to all online reviews, these technologies safeguard your company’ or brand’s credibility in customers’ eyes. Your brand will be responsible and customer-focused if you respond to reviews promptly.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Online Review Management Software

So, before deciding on a review management tool, consider the following:

Access to reputable review sites

A review management tool must communicate with the platforms people use the most, such as Google Maps.

Monitoring Continuously

Prompt feedback is necessary for a response to a query or unpleasant comment. Select a tool that can track real-time online reviews, forum discussions, and social media mentions.

Ease of use

If you can’t easily utilize a tool, you can’t use it. To avoid spending time learning an online review management tool, ensure it has an intuitive dashboard and user interface.

Support for Mobile Apps

A review could emerge at any time of the day, but you might not always have access to a computer to reply. A tool with a mobile app is, therefore, extremely helpful.


Your tool should include a wide range of reporting options. These reports help you keep tabs on your businesses and products across various online and social media platforms.

Centrally Controlled

If your business operates from several locations, a centralized solution is appropriate. You should, however, be able to access and reply to reviews from anywhere using your review management tool. Here is a list of the top web applications for managing reviews that we have put together:



A high-quality product is not always implied by a beautifully designed website, a unique shop, or a persuasive sales speech. Check customer reviews rather than depending solely on what you may see at first glance. Does the review management software have a five-star rating? Even three? What benefits and drawbacks do customers cite? What do they think of the layout, usability, and consumer ease? Client testimonials are among the best tools for selecting the best review management software because they are frequently truthful and transparent. Check Google and Facebook to access hundreds of user reviews that will give you a general assessment of the software.


Another great technique to select the best review management software for your business is to consult the experts. Find out who is funding the company by reading articles about the software you are considering. What people do those who work in the field have about the software? Are industry experts optimistic about the company’s business, or do they predict it will fail within a few years? Customers can tell you if a product is effective for them right now; experts can tell you whether it will continue to be effective in the future.

You may also get a more thorough idea of what each platform has to give by visiting sites like Capterra and G2Crowd. These sites categorize reviews according to features like “ease of use” and “value for money” so you can decide which review management software best suits your requirements.


In addition to consumer reviews, Capterra also offers a side-by-side comparison. There are many features in most review management tools, and no two pieces of software are alike. You may compare each review management software to find the one that best meets your demands once you’ve read reviews and reduced your alternatives. There are some fundamental features that any review management software platform should come with out of the box, even though each company has different needs.

1. Dashboard

Dashboards that are clear and well-organized make any software easier to use. So that you can rapidly explore the platform, they display crucial information on your home page. Even though software of software may have all the necessary tools and features, without a dashboard, you’ll waste time browsing through a myriad of pages to find what you’re looking for.

2. Feedback

If a review is only one star without any feedback, it damages your reputation. Feedback is crucial when striving to improve your product or service, but strangely, not all review management systems let you collect feedback.

3. Analytics

You need to be able to gather and view data if you are interested in knowing how your company compares with your rivals. Analytics will allow you to see trends, track reviews, and complete your reviews. You may receive more and better reviews without analytics, but you won’t have access to the data you need to improve the other aspects of your business.

4. Filtering and Multi-Channel Data Collection

There are numerous websites where customers can find reviews, including Google, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, and Houzz. The best review management software will gather genuine reviews from as many of them as feasible. Filtering and responding are simpler when all the reviews are in one location. This gives you a clear picture of your reputation and the feedback required to improve your process.

5. Integrated Inbox

With a consolidated inbox, you can see all of your messages from every channel on one platform rather than jumping between Facebook Messenger, text, and Google Click-to-Message, making rapid and seamless communication. When the communication process is easy for you, it also is easy for your customers!


Any review management software can state that it offers a simplified review-collecting process, but is there any proof to claim that claim? Keep an eye out for case studies or real-world examples when you compare review management software. If the case studies backed up the claim, you might have discovered your business’s ideal review management software. Use the Best Review Management Software Available.

Useful review management software for 2022.

Software for social review management

1. BirdEye

BirdEye is an effective customer review management software with business-level features. It can be used anywhere and by any quantity of team members. The capabilities of this system, such as the role-based dashboard and bulk review management, may be used by large businesses. The tool covers over 150 websites for monitoring reviews Facebook. You can use it to update your business information on over 50 different websites. Auto-response templates from BirdEye are usually helpful for quick review management. It could be applied to remove spam or negative reviews.

2. Swell

It is an online review management software that uses your reputation to support your business’s growth and online prominence. For small and medium-sized businesses that lack the necessary resources for reputation management, Swell is especially helpful. The tool is intelligent enough to know when and how to ask a business to review your service or product youtube. Customers can publish reviews on Facebook, Google, and other platforms using Swell’s automatic and customized SMS messages. Utilizing its pre-built templates will allow you to respond to reviews quickly.


The well-known solution, satisfies the demands of international digital marketing firms. You can manage and reply to online reviews on more than 165 sites with the help of our all-in-one review tool. It provides a simple dashboard that tracks the entire review gathering and reply process amazon.  Through SMS, email, and direct mail marketing, this web-based tool gathers user reviews of websites. White-label services from enable businesses to produce branded reports, whitepapers, and widgets. You may set up recurring reports and manage your business listings automatically.

4. JustReview

A tool for gathering online brand reviews is called JustReview. To create a social proof of equity, you can quickly integrate them on your website (using customized widgets). The tool is ideal for eCommerce and service providers (embeds reviews from Facebook and Google) (embeds reviews from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Allegro). TripAdvisor, Yelp, Trusted Shops, Booksy,, and more are supported for your convenience. Try it out for free at Finding out more about JustReview

5. Partoo

Partoo maximizes a company’s online visibility. Our local SEO solution is straightforward, allowing clients to manage the tool locally and brand-wide. Our ultimate goal is to assist retailers in increasing in-store visitation online. Through intelligent dashboards where you can track your ROI, weather the entire system can influence strategic decisions and aid in creating long-lasting client connections. With 400 clients in 100 different countries, our workforce size is 350.

6. Sprout Social

A unified platform for monitoring comments on social media and online reviews is called Sprout Social. It supports Meta, GMB, Yelp, Glassdoor, and TripAdvisor for managing online reviews. This tool provides you with a centralized platform for staying informed about what people are saying about your company or brand walmart. By categorizing and filtering review data, businesses may be able to manage reviews more successfully. To improve the customer experience for your organization’s data, Sprout Social additionally offers information about local business operations. Businesses may improve interactions with clients and customers by using their engagement tools.

7. Podium

Employing Podium is recommended by companies striving for excellence in their industry. The online review management software could greatly increase your monthly review volume. This tool places your ratings and reviews where users and potential customers will find them most appealing porn. Customers can respond to the text-based review invitation by leaving feedback, and you can automate the process of responding to reviews. On our platform, you may manage your reputation across several websites from a single dashboard.

8. BrightLocal

Popular online reputation management tool BrightLocal can take care of review tracking for you. Utilizing this cloud-based tool on any desktop, laptop, or tablet device is easy. It monitors over 80 review websites, including Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot google. In addition to publishing reviews on over 200 websites, BrightLocal displays the thoughts you have received on other websites. It provides a one-click response feature for responding to reviews on Google and Facebook. Through the incorporation of Google Analytics, Meta, and Twitter, this tool may display all data on a single dashboard.

9. Brand24

Brand24 offers cloud-based media monitoring marketing solutions. It provides the best solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Marketing firms can use it to track numerous campaigns for one or more businesses wordle. Users can compare the projects’ performance using its comparison tool. Once you’ve entered the relevant keywords, this program will collect any mentions of the pertinent terms of the online sphere, including Google reviews, social media, blogs, and discussion forums. Users can filter the obtained data by time. Positive, neutral, and negative brand references can be distinguished using their powerful sentiment identification capacity.

10. Sprinklr

With the help of Sprinklr’s reliable software, you may manage the feedback you receive. Utilizing this tool will help you learn when and how to offer assistance and feedback to your customers to foster optimism. It manages your company’s reputation by quickly and cheaply responding to bad comments posted across all digital and social media. By encouraging review sharing and raising review response rates, this tool enhances your customer experience. Besides gathering supportive comments, it also looks at product performance to provide insights for creating a better business plan.

11. ReviewInc

Are you managing a tool to assist you in managing the online reviews you get and enhancing your online reputation? In that case, choose ReviewInc. It links you with more than 600 review sites for comprehensive coverage. From a single platform, keeping an eye on and responding to online reviews of your business is simple. Numerous team members can use ReviewInc because of its multi-level access gmail. Military-grade security features in this software include double-encrypted passwords and full data encryption. Its dashboard can be customized using different filters to display the most important data for your business.

12. Yotpo

Businesses can utilize Yotpo to do authentic online reviews and showcase them in key places to have an impact. Well, this data-driven platform for managing online reviews makes it simple for customers to offer feedback to your business. After every purchase, a reminder is sent through email and SMS to submit a review. Customers are asked specific questions about the products they purchase target. At crucial conversion touchpoints along the purchasing journey, Yotpo displays the best judgments. Users can look up and sort reviews. You can increase social media traffic thanks to its official relationships with Google and Facebook.

The Verdict: 

Many customers read product reviews online before making a purchase. Your business should have a thorough online reputation management plan that includes software because fake reviews are becoming more common. Depending on your business’s needs yahoo mail, you can select one of the aforementioned online review management systems from the list above. It will improve customer satisfaction and broaden the online audience for your store or product.

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