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How to Hide Snapchat Snapscore (2023)

Snapchat Snapscore

Regarding social media, Snapchat is up there with the biggest and worst of them. Its continued success in recent years can be attributed to several appealing characteristics and customization options. As a Snapchat user, you are probably already familiar with one of the app’s most enticing features: Snapchat Snapscore.

Snapscore is frequently used, yet many people need clarification or clarification. When getting rid of Snapscore becomes a top priority, we will have to resort to hiding the score. Specifically if you’re at a loss on what to do here. If you’re interested in learning how to hide your Snapscore on Snapchat, please follow the article we’ve provided below.

SnapScore is what?

Snapscore provides a quantitative evaluation of one’s Snapchat usage. Several factors, like how often you post to the app and interact with others and how often you receive snaps from others, go into determining your snapscore.

You can’t increase your snapscore on your own, though. When you continue to use Snapchat actively by sending and receiving snaps, etc., it will grow automatically over time.

Plus, it’s competitive; everyone wants to come out on top. The more you use Snapchat, the greater your snapscore will be.

Is One’s SnapScore Publicly Viewable?

However, only people who are mutual friends with you can view your Snapscore. So, you’ve added this person as a friend, but he hasn’t reciprocated the gesture. In other words, he has yet to learn your snapscore.

That said, you didn’t add that person as a friend if they added you as one. His snap rating is hidden from view. Your Snapchat score is private and only shared with friends.

Is There a Way to Keep Your Snapchat Snapscore a Secret?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to hide your snapscore a secret from your Snapchat friends. You can’t hide others seeing your score unless you unfriend and block them.

Your Snapchat score will be viewable by all your friends, not just those you’ve added. Only by unfriending or blocking someone can you ensure they never see your snapscore.

Snapchat Snapscore and How to Hide It

Snapchat does not offer a way to hide the snapscore. Still in this world. You can get the job done in various ways. Learn the secret to hiding your Snapchat score here.

How to Delete Friends or Block People

Just unfriend and block him immediately if you don’t want him to see your Snapscore. Here are the rules you must follow.

  1. Launch Snapchat, then click the Bitmoji or user profile icon that best represents your current mood.
  2. Then head to your menu and click My friends.
  3. To proceed, click the Friendships tab.
  4. To unfriend or block a friend, click on their name and hold down the mouse button for a friend. It’s up to you to decide whether to delete or block the offending content.

How to Hide Snapscore on Snapchat if You Have Changed Your Profile’s Privacy Settings

It would help if you didn’t try to hide your mutual friends from seeing your snapscore. However, you have complete control over who can see your Snapscore outside your friend list. Follow these steps to make your profile private again.

  1. Launch Snapchat and click a Bitmoji or a Profile to use.
  2. Then, on your profile page, click the gear symbol.
  3. Next, select my available means of getting in touch with me.
  4. Click the Contacts and Friends option.
  5. Click “View My Story” and “See my Avatar” and follow the previous two steps.

What Should I Do to See Someone Else’s Snapscore?

Do you wish you could see someone else’s snapscore? Forget it; here’s a short tutorial on how to view it.

  1. Initiate a conversation on Snapchat by selecting the conversation icon.
  2. Select a friend from the available options, or use the search bar to locate your friend’s name and click on their name to view their profile.
  3. When you visit a friend’s profile, you may notice a number or two below the accompanying Bitmoji. The snapscore is correct. You have found it.

Is It Possible to Lower Your Snapchat Score?

The outcome of this is beyond your control. SnapChat never lets you adjust the volume up or down. Posting several stories will increase your score, as can other aspects of Snapchat usage, like sending and receiving snaps.

The snapscore will reset if you stop sending snaps and sharing many stories. It’s only possible to decrease it if you delete your account entirely.

Methods for Starting Over with SnapScore

There is no way to decrease the snapscore or reset it to zero. In rare cases, our snapscore may drop to zero for technical reasons.

Snapscore can be reset by deactivating or deleting the account. If you don’t want certain people to see certain parts of your profile, you can show the settings for profile visibility.

In Closing

Completion: Snapchat is a very combative medium. Positive and negative aspects are equally adopted by people everywhere. Even though concealing a Snapscore is not an option on Snapchat. However, we have found a few ways to hide our Snapchat Snapscore secret. If you require assistance in this respect, please let us know below.

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