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Using the TLC activation code and a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Samsung TV, Directv, Firestick, Android, or iOS device, you can activate TLC at To access TLC GO on streaming devices, activate the code. To activate TLC GO on every device, see this article.

TLC Go is renowned for offering live streaming via cable in addition to on-demand episodes of some of your favorite TLC shows. To access the content on this TV Everywhere channel, you must have a cable or satellite TV subscription. Any Smart TV or streaming device with a subscription can access this channel.

All you need to do to activate TLC GO is enter your activation code at www and follow these instructions.

Activate TLC at

Use the steps below to follow live TV or to access on-demand episodes of shows like Cake Boss, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and Long Lost Family on your Roku, Xbox One, or Android device.

To activate TLC GO, visit Roku.

Activate TLC on Apple TV.

Activate TLC on your Amazon Fire TV.

TLC Activate On Xbox One

Activate to set up TLC on a Samsung TV.

I’m done now! On your Samsung TV, TLC Go is now activated. Enjoy!

Activate to set up TLC on Direct TV.

Activate to launch TLC on Firestick.

Step 1 is to create an Amazon account.

Log in to and select Your Account > Manage Prime Membership to sign up. To create an account and choose a default password, select “Start your FREE 30-day trial of Amazon Prime,” click Continue, and then follow the on-screen instructions. one-click payment procedure https // code.

STEP 2: Activate TLC Go on your Amazon account.

TLC Go is instantly added to your account after signing up for Prime. To begin streaming, sign in at

STEP 3: Connect your Amazon fire stick to the TV.

Plug the power cord to the wall outlet and plug the fire stick into an open HDMI port on your TV. After turning it on, choose your language and continue configuring your device by following the onscreen instructions.

STEP 4: Use the 1-click payment method you selected in step 1.

In order to complete this step, make sure you have a payment method selected or add a new card to your account before attempting to sign in. You will receive the message “You’ve reached the end of your monthly free viewing term” if you don’t have a payment method. To proceed, please add a 1-click payment option.

STEP 5: Enjoy TLC GO!

To activate TLC, follow these steps. To activate, go to activate.

Activate TLC on Android TV using

Activate to install TLC on iOS devices.

Step 1: Type TLC Go into the search bar in the AppStore on your iOS device.

The iOS device should at the very least be running iOS 9. Some iOS devices do not support iOS 9, hence they are unable to be utilized with this service. When you enter TLC go into a search engine, several results will up, including TLCGo, TLC go by xfinity, MyTlcGo, and TLC prepaid go.

Select the TLCGo app.

Step 2: To download the app, click GET.

If you are prompted for your password, you have already downloaded this app using the same apple ID on another iOS device or computer. If so, choose INSTALL APP to download it to your iOS device.

Step 3: Open the app once installed and click on ACCEPT to accept the terms and conditions.

You will be directed to the activation page after clicking agree.

Step 4: To activate your account, enter your first and last names, social security number (without the dashes), birthdate, zip code, and the sum of money you wish to deposit into your account.

Click SUBMIT once you have accurately entered the information.

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