Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Crypto Trading

The best cryptocurrency apps have swept the globe. All throughout the world, people are mining for many forms of money, including Bitcoins, Doge coins, Etherium, and various others. In the real world, they are starting to have some value, and some places even accept cryptocurrency as payment for products and services. The best cryptocurrency apps for Android will be reviewed in this roundup.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Crypto Trading

You can learn about the top cryptocurrency apps in this post by reading the information below;

The top 10 Android business and trading apps!

1. Blockfolio

A financial app geared at cryptocurrency consumers is called Blockfolio. You will get rapid access to your cryptocurrency investments. Additionally, you can instruct it to alert you when prices cross a particular level. Today, it tracks more than 800 currencies, and you can learn more about each one. If you’re interested in keeping up with what’s new in the market, there is also a news section. It is entirely complementary, which is always a good thing. For those that take cryptocurrency seriously, this is useful.

Rate: Free

2. Cobo

A multi-cryptocurrency wallet app is called Cobo. It accepts a number of different forms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Ripple, Litecoin, ZCash, DogeCoin, and a number of other coins. Moreover, the app supports over 80 nations and some cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology like Proof of Stake and master node pooling. Despite a few issues that some users complain about, the majority of folks appear to really enjoy this one.

Rate: Free

3. Coin Stats

A cryptocurrency price app is called Coin Stats. It monitors more than 3,000 different currencies over 100 different exchanges. If you wish to create a complete portfolio, you can immediately sync your wallets with the exchanges you want to use. Other features include news, a widget, portfolio sharing, cost notifications, and weekly app updates. The UI is slick and orderly. There isn’t much wrong with it at all.

Rate: Free/ $4.99 monthly/ $39.99 each year

4. Blockchain

One of the top mobile cryptocurrency wallet apps is Blockchain Wallet. It has many functions and interacts with Bitcoin. The ability to make and receive Bitcoin payments, two-factor authentication, PIN security, support for 18 languages, TOR blocking, and QR code support are just a few of them. If that’s something you care about, it’s also open-source and free. A reasonably straightforward UI is there, as well as Material Designs. This one is really fantastic.

Rate: Free

5. Delta

One of the more recent cryptocurrency apps is Delta. A watchlist, market statistics, rate alerts, and a library of over 3,000 different currencies are all included in this portfolio tracker software. Furthermore, it offers simple and quick syncing support for Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin, GDAX, and other wallet apps. This software, in my opinion, offers more features than any other on this list. The price for that is $8.49 per month or $49.99 per year, though. Although we don’t like subscriptions, people who are fervent cryptocurrency fans may want to take this one into account.

Rate: Free/ $8.49 monthly/ $49.99 annually.

6. Wallet

Another cryptocurrency wallet software is You can check your cryptocurrency balance, send money to others, make payments, and more with the app. It has some good-looking Material Design as well. The app offers a variety of shopping options, including the opportunity to purchase gift cards from more than 120 stores. If you need them, you can find stores and banks as well. It is strongly recommended by the reviews of its users and is worth checking out.

Price: Free

7. CryptoWake

A bit of a wild card on the list is CryptoWake. It is a lock screen app with an always-on display that contains lots of cryptocurrency information. It has a clock, date, media controls, information controls, and other lock display items. Additionally, you may access a news feed, numerous cryptocurrency values and statistics, as well as other details. Because it can significantly drain your battery otherwise, we only recommend it for AMOLED display screens. It’s a simple but intriguing way to keep tabs on some cryptocurrency prices.

Rate: Free/ Up to $5.99.

8. Cyrpto News

A financial news app and a second crypto news app are also available on The app displays the exchange rates for 1,300 alternative currencies. Furthermore, you can view information on your cryptocurrency’s trading volume, market share for various coins, and other profits and losses. Additionally, the app has a currency converter, headlines, a dark theme, several charts, and support for many well-known altcoins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

Rate: Free (with ads).

9. Simple Bitcoin Wallet

Simple Bitcoin Wallet is a straightforward cryptocurrency wallet. It supports several dozen other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin, including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. This one does not have an app. In reality, it’s merely a widget. Your balance is displayed clearly and easily on your home screen. The widgets can be customised to regularly upgrade in addition to other features. This is a great approach to monitor what you have closely. Without any promotion, it is also completely free.

Rate: Free.

10. Robinhood

A stock exchange investment tool is called Robinhood. Its main purpose is to enable portion purchases and sales without fees or other extravagant expenses. There are ups and downs to it. For instance, unless you pay the $5 monthly premium, its market worth isn’t always the most accurate date. But you can purchase, sell, trade, and keep track of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many others using the app. It’s a great all-in-one option for folks who want to invest in cryptocurrency and the stock market.

Rate: Free/ $5 per month.

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