10 Best Torlock Torrent Sites & Proxy,Mirror In 2023

TorLock is our top 10 best torrent site for 2023. TorLock is a very well-known Torrent site, and it has a lot of different Torrent categories that you can search through. You can see the most recent and popular unblocked Torrent sites on the front page of TorLock’s website. They’re also the most popular. You can see when files have been added, how big they are, and how many people are sharing and downloading them—almost the same as most Torrent sites.

When you search for a Torrent, TorLock com looks like it shows Torrent data with all of the words in your search term. For me, it’s a little annoying. Considering how useful this could be, I also find it a little annoying. The documents with the most seeders should also be at the top of my search, so I don’t have to filter for the ones that aren’t.

Top 10 Best Torlock Torrent Sites & Proxy,Mirror In 2023

10 Best Torlock Alternatives Torrent Sites in 2023

So, if you’re one of Torlock’s visitors and you’ve just found that the site is down, you may check out some of the Torlock alternatives we’ve listed below.

So, in this article, we’ll go through some of the best TorLock alternatives to visit if Torlock is unavailable.

1. Pirate Bay

In 2003, The Pirate Bay (TPB) was started. It has been one of the most popular torrent sites for a long time. In addition, TPB makes money through donations, ads, and cryptocurrency mining. TPB is available in 35 different languages and makes money through these things.

One of the things I like about The Pirate Bay is that it has “respected” and “VIP” statuses. On a torrent search, these are shown by a pink head icon (Trusted) or an eco-friendly head icon (Not Trusted) (VIP). Trusted people have a good reputation for putting up trustworthy and also high-quality non-blocked Torrent sites that people can use. People in the TPB area can trust these sites because they don’t have spam or malware.

VIP torrents are the same as regular torrents, but they have a higher level of fame. VIP status means you’re less likely to get an infection or have an unclean torrent on your computer or phone.

The Pirate Bay has one of the most straightforward user interfaces in the world of torrenting. After its launch in 2003, its interface hasn’t changed much (if anything). Why change something that already works? People can enjoy a wide range of documents, such as audiobooks, songs, movies, games, software, and more, as well as more.

– Easy to use
– It’s easy to tell which torrents are safe.
– A lot of links to magnet websites are out there now.

– Web content is not policed
– People in the community can make things up.


In 2008, RARBG came to our web browsers. It has a big following for high-quality videos and also new movie releases. RARBG has a lot of old and new Torrent data. One of the main reasons people use it is the high quality of the Torrents it has.

RARBG has a top 10 list like some other Torrent sites that aren’t blocked. This can be very useful for getting some inspiration. They show users the most popular and many films that users can find and download on the site. There were also details about the file size when it was added to the site, who stars in the movie, and how many seeders and leechers there are.

RARBG isn’t the cleanest or most up-to-date when it comes to user interfaces. It has a lot of fans and a lot of people in its neighbourhood. There are a lot of websites where you can see movie trailers and TV shows if you find a movie that you want to watch. Good if you’re not sure what you want to watch.

– Torrents of the best quality
– Plenty of movies to choose from.
– Blog site and the most recent news

– There are a lot of ads on the site.
– Make sure to check out RARBG.

3. YTS

YTS is another Torrent site for movie fans. It only focuses on non-blocked Torrent sites for movies. YTS is straightforward to use and has a great website design that would be very appealing to many people. Many old and new movies can be found in the available torrents.

There used to be many people who used (, but when that company went out of business in 2015, kind of took over (unofficially). Because of this, YTS has a huge following, and many people use it to download movies. Because there are so many people, there are usually no problems finding Torrent files that don’t have people who want to share them or people who want to download them.

The best torrent site for you might be YTS if your ISP has a cap on how much information or data you can use. If you use the Torrent files, you won’t have to worry about going over your storage space.

– A lot of different movies are available.
– Different styles can be downloaded.
– A lot of people are following.

– Only Torrent can you get the movie.
– Go to YTS.

4. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a search engine for Torrents. This is a different way to search for Torrents on unblocked Torrent sites. There will almost always be more information on the torrent data you have chosen, with a lot more information. Torrentz2 is the new version of Torrentz, which is now gone. It searches more than 90 torrent sites. Torrentz, which was very popular with people who used torrents worldwide, did not host torrents on its website. Instead, it used to index torrents from a lot of different trackers.

When you search for a torrent, you can always get a magnet file or a torrent file. It’s like this: If you search for a movie, there are screenshots and clips of the film to look at. Torrentz was a free, fast, powerful search engine that combined results from many different websites, says the only message on the site, which has now been shut down. You have to type in the Torrent you want, and then Torrentz2 will look for the best Torrent file on different torrent sites.

– Searches a wide range of Torrent sites.
– There is a lot of information out there.
– Often, he finds a file.

– Isn’t there a dedicated site for Torrents?
– You can go to Torrentz2 by going there.


As a follow-up to movies, EZTV is the best torrent site to visit if you want to download and install TV shows. From the current TV show to old episodes that you may have missed. Customers can see EZTV and sign up for an account to keep track of the torrents they have downloaded and the shows they like. They can also visit their favourite shows.

It has a simple interface that is also very easy to work with. Search for what you want in the search bar. A table format list shows a download link and a magnet link symbol and the number of seeders, leechers, and the size of the data. But even though it doesn’t look excellent, it does the job.

On the EZTV proxy, you may not find every Torrent you want, but users say that the torrent files are excellent. When you download and install Torrent, I think that quality is more important than quantity in my mind.

– It’s easy to use.
– Great for TV shows
– It’s a timer list.

–TV show torrents are the only thing you need.
– Check out EZTV.

6. LimeTorrents

A company that has been around for a long time gives users a lot of non-blocked torrent sites to choose from. Torrent data includes video games, TV shows, movies, anime, and apps. It has new content, which makes it very popular in the Torrent market.

It looks good and is easy to use. You can search for something you might want or click on a category to get some ideas. Each type shows the top 100 torrents available on LimeTorrents.

After you get your list of torrents, it’s straightforward to figure out which one you want to download and install. It’s easy to filter by seeders, leechers, size, or when a document was added. Also, the helpful wellness bar shows how “healthy” it is to have a Torrent on your phone. Responses can be offered on Torrent, so if you find one that’s good or bad, you can add it to the area.

– Good, clean interface
– Torrents are broken up into different types right away.
– A good health bar

– No, group listings don’t automatically choose the best Torrents for you to search for and join.
– LimeTorrents is an excellent place to look for movies and TV shows.

7. 1337x

1337x has been around since 2007 and has a list of the most popular torrents. It has a safe neighbourhood with people who upload their content often and whose content can be trusted. 1337x has a lot of different types of things, and if you’re looking for inspiration, it has top 100 lists for each of them.

When Kickass Torrents shut down in 2016, 1337x became more popular. Even if you haven’t been to a Torrent site before, you’ll find that 1337x is very easy to use and also find your way around. In addition to providing popular categories, you can also search for Torrents based on filters like Oscar nominations and the most popular torrents.

It makes it easy to see what you’re looking at: When you search for a Torrent, 1337x’s interface makes it easy to understand. When you look at a torrent, you can see how many comments it has, how many seeders and leechers it has, and how long ago it was put up. Documents like movies are also marked to tell if they are in HD or not.

– The interface was terrific.
– A simple way to find each Torrent is to sort by its name.
– Popular categories, as well as torrent suggestions,

– Several pop-ups.
– Ads can be annoying.
– Check out 1337x.


Torrents. me is a torrent search engine, but it also has more to offer than that. Torrents. me is a little different from Torrentz2 because it takes data from other websites that look for torrents.

The site gives you a list of torrent websites that are good for what you’re looking for. For example, if you want to find a torrent site that is good for movies or suitable for TV shows, it will show you where to find them. You can also go straight to the category pages you want.

If you’re not sure what Torrent you want to look for, you can go to non-blocked Torrent sites to look. It will show you how popular a number of searches are and the most recent data from the Torrent itself.

– A search tool that is easy for people to use
– Primary groups to look into
– Lists of Torrent sites based on what they do.

The search results page shows all results, not just the ones that match your search words.
– Visit Torrents. me to look around.

9.  Zooqle

If you like to play games, Zooqle has a lot of Torrents for you to download. It’s a new torrent site, but it’s becoming trendy because it keeps adding more and more content. Zooqle isn’t full of ads like many other torrent sites, making it a refreshing experience.

Zooqle is an excellent site to look at and use. There is a search bar where people can type in many search questions. They can type in movie names, stars, directors, etc. Zooqle has almost 40,000 movies in its movie library, which is a lot for a site that’s still very new.

Even though there are a lot of movies and TV shows, Zooqle has started to become known for its video games and software applications. Find the Torrent and download it directly or use the link provided to get the file from a torrent site instead. There’s a lot of helpful information, like the data that’s there, comments, and responses from people in the area.

– Spectacular web site
– Participating in the community is fun and easy to do.
– Great for games and software development.

– New to the market, so it might not have all the Torrents.
– Check out Zooqle.

10. iDope

iDope is more like a search engine for Torrents than a site that isn’t blocked. It gives you the direct links to Torrent that you want. It has more than 18 million torrents, so it needs to fit a lot of people.

The UI is simple and clean. Some Torrent sites are so complicated that they are hard to use or keep up with. iDope also has a mobile-friendly version of its site, which makes the whole thing a lot more pleasant.

iDope is a “homage” to Kickass, and it’s also a new version of the old iDope. Top site, which was shut down. To download torrents, all you have to do is click one time. In this way, you will not have to go through a lot of websites and links.

– Over 18 million people have used Torrents.
– Clean and simple to use.
– One-click downloads of torrents

– There are a lot of ads that aren’t nice.
– You should check out iDope.

Final Words:

Remarkably, these are the top 10 TorLock alternatives available in 2023. Let us know if you remember any more Torlock Torrent Sites alternatives in the comment below.

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