TorrentHound Alternatives: 15 Best Torrent Sites in 2023

Here, we’ll look at some alternatives to torrenthound: Later, popular torrenting websites like Torrentz and Extratorrent shut down. TorrentHound quickly rose to the top of the list. If you use torrents a lot, you might have heard of the TorrentHound torrents.

TorrentHound Alternatives: 15 Best Torrent Sites in 2023

You can find out more about Torrenthound Alternatives in this article, and here are some of the facts:

The site has always been known for its actual content and great design. It was 2017. TorrentHound was thought to be the best torrent site after The Pirate Bay. However, that fame didn’t last long, and the well-known torrent site, Torrent, was taken down by the government.

History About TorrentHound Block

There are a lot of websites that keep getting better at cybercrime, but they get shut down right away, no matter how big they are. Google adds Chrome as an add-block, which makes the situation even worse, because many websites are shut down because of this. To help you, we’re here to help you get torrent freaks out of this and find better sites. Visit the sites below.

TorrentHound Proxy

We have put together a lot of torrenthound proxy lists. Some of them are high-speed proxy servers in Canada and Australia, and they work quickly. Some of them are free.

Best Alternative Site For TorrentHound

Cybercrime news is always coming out, so many of these sites are shut down right away. This shows how big they are. This makes things even worse when Google Chrome’s ad-block shuts down websites of this kind, which makes things even worse. We can guide you to better places to go. Take a look at these sites.

1. ThePirateBay3

If you have been going to torrent sites, you might already know about The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is now the best torrent site that you can go to today, and you can visit it now. Furthermore, it is one of the few data torrent sites that the body hasn’t shut down right now. A simple and easy-to-use interface is what you get with The Pirate Bay. It lists all the current and recently added torrents on the front homepage.


In school, you might be studying for a torrent interface with an old-fashioned look. RARBG might be the best choice for you. A lot of torrent sites offer RARBG. It gets a lot of traffic every day. The best thing about RARBG is that it has a lot of torrent content. This means you can download everything on RARBG. You can download TV shows and games and software, and movies from this site.

3. Zooqle

If you’re looking for a torrent site that focuses mainly on videos, then Zooqle is the site for you. There’s a thing to like about Zooqle’s interface because it looks standard and organized. Another good thing about Zooqle is that it has a lot of good video torrents. There are a lot of new movies, TV shows, web series, and more on Zooqle that you didn’t expect. There are also other ways to get P2P.

4. IsoHunt

This is another popular Torrent Hound choice that is available right now. IsoHunt is on the list. The big thing about IsoHunt is how easy it is to use, and the site puts a lot of the most popular and downloaded content right on the front page. On IsoHunt, you will find a lot of useful software and ISO files of different operating systems that you can use. It’s also known for its video torrents.

5. SeedPeer

One of the best TorrentHounds movies replacements on this list is SeedPeer, known for its high-quality content and easy-to-use interface. Amazingly, SeedPeer is a community-driven platform, and the site’s owners check the torrent files right before they’re put up on the web. However, SeedPeer is known for having a vast library of video torrents. This is why SeedPeer is a different top torrent site that you can check out right now, too.

6. Torrent Downloads

A great and popular torrent sites you can visit right now, so go check it out. The best thing about Torrent Downloads is its user interface, which looks clean and well-organized and is very easy to use. The Torrent Downloads websites have everything from movies to games that you can download as a torrent. Indeed, Torrent Downloads isn’t a very stable site. It goes down a lot.

7. Demonoid

You can go to Demonoid right now to see what it’s all about. The site has a lot of torrent content, like movies, TV shows, games, software, and more. More than 8 million torrent files are on the site right now, and it has a lot of them. Because the torrent site is so popular, the government also keeps an eye on it.

8. Bitport

BitPort is a torrent client that can be used from any web browser. It can download files from other people. As a cloud-based torrent client, it gets the files it needs from the internet and stores them on its servers. BitPort gives users the direct download link after they download it. A search engine for torrent content is engaging because BitPort also has one. You can use it to search through and find torrent content.

9. Torrentz2

In the last few years, Torrentz2 has been updated and made better. It is an all-purpose torrent site.

The library has a lot of games, movies, and shows. However, we thought the music library was the best. There aren’t many things on the website’s design. The search bar is at the top.

You can use this site to look for older torrents. Many of the torrents are more than 10 years old. Even though we like the site’s simple design, we didn’t like that there were no top ten lists of what’s hot right now.

10. iDope

iDope is one of the best TorrentHound alternatives that you can visit right now on this list. You won’t believe it, but right now, the site has more than 18 million torrent files on it. Video is what iDope is all about, just like Zooqle. The site has a lot of popular movies and TV shows that are in high-quality HD.

If you want to go to some of the best Torent hound alternatives right now, these are the 15 best ones. The comment box below is where you can tell us about other torrent sites that work.

11. 1337X

1337X is one of the most well-known and well-known torrent sites on the list. It has the best and most user-friendly interface and the best torrents. On 1337X, you can find everything about games, movies, TV shows, music, and more. Also, the site has a lot of categories on the front homepage, which shows not the only thing!

12. EZTV

To find a website with many different video torrents, EZTV might be the best choice for you. The best thing about EZTV is that there are a lot of unique video torrents on the site. According to this, the site also has the most recent movies and TV shows. It also has movie trailers, and so on.

13. TorLock

Another well-known torrent site is TorLock. It only has torrents that have been checked and are accurate. The answer is: TorLock is an excellent mix of floods and a great-looking interface. All of your favorite torrents are on the site’s homepage. The site then puts each torrent in order by its type.

14. YTS

There is no doubt that YTS is one of the best and best movie torrent sites out there. With YTS, you can find a lot of valuable torrents. This is the best thing about it. This is why YTS is on our list of the best options for TorrentHound downloads. It has an excellent interface. Besides its great user interface, it’s one of the best torrent websites that will give you a great time when you use it.

15. NYAA

This is a list of the best torrent websites, and NYAA is one of them. The best thing about NYAA is that it has a simple interface that is easy to use. There was a list of all the torrents and organized them on the home homepage and their category. If we look at the torrent content, NYAA has everything from movies and TV shows to games and Android apps. There is another good Torrenthound alternative 2021 for you, too. NYAA is one of them. Also, check out Atdhe Alternatives, too.

Conclusion: Torrenthound Alternatives

Now that has shown you and some other options, all you have to do is relax with a favourite movie and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy your time off.

When you download torrent files, I would, however, advise you to keep in mind some safety tips. It is possible to lose all your files with a simple mistake. This is where you can tell us about your experience with the best TorrentHound alternatives.

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