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Pinch to Zoom on YouTube: How to Use It

youtube pinch to zoom feature

You may use YouTube pinch-to-zoom feature to examine minute details in any video. Follow these steps to zoom in and out on your mobile device.

With YouTube’s pinch-to-zoom feature, it’s easy to see every last detail in videos from your favourite creators. Video content can be panned and zoomed in on YouTube’s mobile app.

You can zoom up to eight times to see extremely fine details. This tutorial will show how to use the pinch-to-zoom feature on YouTube videos on mobile and tablet devices.

Tutorial on Changing YouTube’s Zoom Settings

The feature to pinch to zoom in and out is useful whether you’re watching wrestling videos on YouTube or free online programming courses. You can better look at the lecturer’s whiteboard or the game without moving closer to the screen.

How to zoom in and out of YouTube videos:

  1. The full-screen mode can be accessed by tapping on the YouTube video and then on the rectangular box in the bottom right.
  2. Assuming you’ve activated full-screen mode, use two fingers to touch the screen in two separate places inside the video. To zoom in on a certain portion of the video, you need to position your fingers over it.
  3. As your fingers remain in contact with the screen, spread them apart to create more space. While watching a video on YouTube, the zoom level is displayed at the top of the screen. You can then release your grip on the screen to see the video at your selected zoom level.
  4. To zoom out, touch the screen twice in different places with two fingers, then move your fingers together. If you play the video again and notice the word Original appears where a number normally would, you’ve returned to the video’s original resolution.

Once you’ve zoomed in, YouTube makes it easy to move the playhead to the specific video you wish to study in detail. Like inspecting a zoomed-in image, you must touch the video with a finger and move it to the desired location.

You Can Analyze Any Video On YouTube

Youtube’s pinch-to-zoom feature makes it possible to get a better look at the action. Make advantage of the component whenever you need to zoom in on a particular part of the video, whether you’re viewing a sports highlight reel or a tutorial.

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